Zone is the name of a series of consoles - all 16 or 32-bit and mostly Wii clones - marketed by Ultimate Products Limited & manufactured by various companies.

In the US some of the Zone consoles were available at CVS stores, such as the Zone 40, 60, and Zone 3D. In the UK the Zone 40 is commonly found in discount stores but other models are mostly only seen on TV shopping channels.

Zone consoles Edit

Wii clones Edit


Zone console package (alternate version with Fishing instead of Baseball). Also , notice how Extreme Power Soccer is labeled as Football.

  • Zone - Similar to the MiWi by Macro Winners Electronics Ltd. but only includes seven games.
    Games: TV Boxing, VR Tennis, Golf, Extreme Power Soccer, Bowling, Table Tennis, World Series Baseball. There is another version with Fishing instead of Baseball.

Zone Interactive package

  • Zone Interactive - claims to be 32-bit & 40 games on the packaging, actually has 41. Probably manufactured by Macro Winners but the software is Family Sports 41 in 1 by Senca, and the console seems to detect strength of motion (but not direction) unlike other Zones.
    Sports games: Tennis, Golf, Baseball, Table Tennis, Bowling, Darts, Basketball, Boxing.

Zone 40 package


Zone 40 package alternate version.

  • Zone 40 - Probably manufactured by Subor, most games copyrighted to Waixing.
    Games: Golf, Bowling, Baseball, Tennis, Fishing, Competive Fencing, Ping Pong, Soccer, Swimming, Basketball, Darts, Discus, Javelin, High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, 100 Meter, 110 Hurdles, Walking-Race, Sword Of Warriors, Chess Master, Motor Storm, The Mouse And The Cat, Undersea Adventure, Zuma, Highway Racing, Dancing Girls, Box World, Squares, Fire Man, Bomber-Man, Hitting Mice, Shooting Ballons, Snakes, Archery, Fish War, Sudoku, Tanks, Speed Racing and Bee Fighting.

Zone Mini package.

  • Zone Mini - a smaller console with only one controller, designed for portability. 35 games.
    Games: Pro Tennis, Super Fighter, Golf Pro, Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Swimming, Soccer Shooter, Fencing Champ, Badminton, Beach Volleyball, Dart's, Motercycle Ninja, Curling, Ping Pong Cup, Discus, High Jump, Hurdles, Javelin, Bee Eliminator, ArcherY, Racing Course, Racing, Pop Balloons, Snakes, Fire Fighter, Sudoko, Smart Porter, Chess, Catch 22, Simon, Cubes, Scuba Brick, Dance Master, The Mouse and the Cat.

Sega Reactor package


Zone Sega prototype package.

  • Zone Sega - Not released under this name; eventually came out under the name "Reactor". Officially licensed by Sega and includes 20 Sega Mega Drive games, plus a number of original AtGames and Tec Toy Mega Drive games, and sports games from the Zone 40.

Zone 60 package

  • Zone 60 - Games by Jungletac but looks identical to the "Smart Station" released in China by Subor. Some of its sports games are similar to those on the Sport Vii, but unlike that console it cannot sense direction or strength of motion.
    "Interactive" games (32-bit): Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Dancing, Darts, Fishing, Golf, Pool, Tennis, Table Tennis.
    "Arcade" games (16-bit): Auto Racing, Ball Battle, Big Burger, Brave Heart, Ball Blaster, Caddie, Coin Digger, Cooking Chaos, Crazy Coconuts, Deep Storm, Dragon, Egg Collector, Find The Way, Finger Dancing, Fire Fighter, Fruit Fall, Go Karts, Hay Bales, Hero Legend, Hot Drop, Ice Climber, Jewel Fever, Jewel Master 2, Lady Bugs, Lightning Plan, Magic Cubes, Match It Up, Mission, Motor Rally 2, Mr.Onion, Mystic Totem, Plumber Man, Pop Ball, Potion Commotion, Rapid Stream, Slot Machine, Sudoku, Speed Runner, Spiral Ball, Squirrel Bobble, Starry Night, Surf Adventure, Texas Hold'em, The Lost World, Tiger Rescue, Jet Skiing, Toy Kingdom, Treasure Hunt, Yummy.

Zone 100 package.

  • Zone 100 - Similar to the Zone 60 with 40 more games [1]

Zone 3D package


Zone 3D console

  • Zone 3D - Contains 20 3D anaglyph games and 80 2D games, credited to Jungletac. [2][1]
  • Zone Motion - was mentioned on the Ultimate Products website , seemingly canceled since the website brings up an error page.

Fitness mats Edit


Zone Family Fit package.

  • Zone Family Fit - Manufactured by Subor, software probably by Waixing.

Handhelds Edit


Zone Fusion package

  • Zone Fusion - Vertically oriented, made by Jungletac. 30 games.
    Games: Jewel Master, Ball Blaster, Imp and Cubes, Push the Box, Flame Beetles, Hard Win, Move Fun, Block Out, Bomb Hero, Mystic Totem, Little Plane, Fossick Underground, Mr. Onion, Beat the Bird, Block Flying, Mr. Ball, Puzzle Pop, Happy Farm, Morra, Find the Way, Climbing Challenge, Worm Catch, Ogriesh Flower, Winlinez, Ball Clash, Win or Lose, Pile the Box, Graden Weeder and Pool Quiz.

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