Young Toys
Origin South Korea
Years 1980-Today
Consoles Famicom
Related companies Bit Corp

Young Toys (Hangul: 영실업, Yeongsil-eob) is a South Korean toy manufacturer and importer that used to manufacture and distribute Famicom cartridges as well as clones from 1987 to around 1990-1991. Their Famicom business was advertised under the Pascar (Hangul: 파스칼) brand with an old, white-bearded man as the mascot.


Young Toys had a strong commercial presence in the early days. They even had commercials airing on TVs for their Pascar products.


Three clones were released under the Pascar brand[1].

  • Pascar 124 (early 1989?) - Rebranded BIT System console orinally manufactured by Bit Corp. It was quickly replaced by the Pascar ULT because it had issues with the power supply.
  • Pascar ULT (May 1989) - Famicom look-a-like except the overall body is black instead of white.
  • Pascar Stereo (December 1989) - Black and grey rebranded IQ-701 console by TXC with stereo headphones


Young Toys had made an unique Famicom cartridge design for the Pascar line.

Two 2-in-1 Pascar multicarts

Most cartridges features hand drawn artwork, either generic or of a game found in the multicart. The games are selected by changing the DIP switches, with the cover indicating the combination for each game using colors (red for the upper position, or blue for the bottom).
They used a 3 digits number to identify each of their cartridge. The first number goes from one to 6 and has no particular meaning. The second one goes from one to four and indicates how many games are contained in the cartridges, i.e. a 2-in-1 will read 2. The last digit is the unique identifier to separate cartridges from the same line and with an equal number of games.


  • During November 1990, Nintendo sued Young Toys for selling illegal copies of their games. While a part of the Pascar cartridges were retailed before the July 1987 copyright law (so they were legal products), Young Toys was in trouble because they had added newer games to the Pascar line like Super Mario Bros. 3. The case was settled out of court.[2]
  • Pascar mascot kinda looks like Bit Corp's. Overall the PCBs are quite similar between both companies and one of BIT multicarts was distributed under the Pascar brand in South Korea.



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