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World Heroes 2
World Heroes 2 titlescreen
World Heroes 2's Title Screen
Publisher Cony Soft
Developer Cony Soft
Console Famicom
Date 1994
Retail price 700[TWD]
Engine Cony's Fighting Engine
Sound engine Cony Soft
Alternate names/hacks World Heroes 2 PRO

World Heroes 2 is a bootleg fighting game created by Cony Soft in 1994, notable for its unusual roster of characters.


This is a fighting game by Cony Soft which features 12 different characters, all of which are playable. It has most of the flaws of Cony's other releases such as poor controls, typos, cheap AI and lack of a proper ending. The game includes music and graphics taken from other games and the gameplay is practically identical to Cony's other pirates, albeit with some different specials for the characters. It's possible that they hacked their Fatal Fury 2 game in order to make this, seeing that there's a selection for modes, a long intro that is impossible to skip without emulation, a box that appears before the game starts stating "If screen is error" and that Andy, Laurence (Yeain), and Mai (Mai Mai) are in the game.


In order from left to right, top to bottom on the character select screen:

In Game Name Real Name Game/Franchise
Ryu Ryu Street Fighter II
Mario Mario Mario
Chun-Li Chun-Li Street Fighter II
Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog
Leo. Leonardo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Haggar Mike Haggar Final Fight a
Kupa Bowser/King Koopa Mario
Yeain Laurence Blood Fatal Fury 2
Andy Andy Bogard Fatal Fury 2
ごくぅ Son Goku Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden
Mai Mai Mai Shiranui Fatal Fury 2
Vega M. Bison/Vega Street Fighter II

a.The sprites for Haggar are a mix of Zangief's sprite from Street Fighter II, and Haggar's sprite from Final Fight 2.

Level MusicEdit

Much of the in-game music seems to be sampled from other games.

  • Ryu - E. Honda's level theme from Street Fighter II.
  • Mario - Title screen theme from Super Mario World.
  • Chun-Li - Her level theme from Street Fighter II.
  • Sonic - Title screen theme from Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Leonardo - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles opening theme (Looped).
  • Haggar - An off-tune version of the Metro City Slums stage in Final Fight.
  • Bowser - Blanka's level theme from Street Fighter II.
  • Laurence - Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
  • Andy - His level theme from the Fatal Fury games.
  • Goku - Summary music from Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden.
  • Mai - Her level theme from the Fatal Fury games.
  • M. Bison - Guile's level theme from Street Fighter II.



  • Hadouken - Forward + a+b
  • Shoryuken - Up + a+b (Control yourself by holding left or right)
  • Hurricane Kick - Down + a+b (Control yourself by holding left or right)


  • Fireball - Back, a+b
  • Cape Dive - Up, a+b


  • Kikouken - a+b
  • Spinning Bird Kick - Up + a+b (Control yourself by holding left or right)
  • Lightning Kick - Press b repeatedly
  • Wall Jump - Press Up and Forward with your back to the wall or Up and Back while in front of the wall


  • Spin Dash - a+b
  • Electricity - Press a repeatedly

Leo. (Leonardo)

  • Wave Attack - a+b
  • Slide Kick - Down + a+b
  • Spin Dive - Up + a+b


  • Lariat - a+b
  • Clothesline - Forward + a+b
  • Spinning Piledriver - (While Close) Up + a+b
  • Ground Throw - (While Close) Down-Forward or Down-Backward + a+b
  • Choke - (While Close) Up + a

Kupa (Bowser)

  • Fireball - Back + a+b
  • Spin Attack - Down + a+b
  • Shell Attack - Up, a+b

Yeain (Laurence Blood)

  • Bloody Spin - a+b
  • Bloody Cutter - Up + a+b

Andy Bogard

  • Hi Sho Ken - Back + a+b
  • Shoryudan - a+b
  • Zanei Ken - Up + a+b
  • Kuhadan - Down + a+b


  • Charge Attack - a+b
  • Wave Attack - Back + a+b
  • Rush Kick - Down + a+b

Mai Mai (Mai Shiranui)

  • Ka Cho Sen - a+b
  • Ryu Em Bu - Back, a+b (can also be preformed after using Ka Cho Sen by doing a+b)
  • Shinobi Bachi - Down + a+b

Vega/M. Bison (Dictator)

  • Psycho Crusher - Forward + a+b
  • Scissor Kick - Back + a+b
  • Stomp - Up + a+b


World Heroes 2 playersecelt

Character Select screen. Notice the "Player Secelt" typo in the top.

  • The "Player Select" text is misspelled as "Player Secelt."
  • Mario and Leonardo are the only characters to have an unique victory theme. Mario's is the victory fanfare from Super Mario World, and Leonardo's is the Stage Clear theme form Turtles in Time.
  • The Street Fighter II and Fatal Fury characters, along with their stages (with the possible exception of Lawrence) are from other Cony pirates based off those games.
  • Some of the graphics for Mario's stage are ripped from Super Mario Bros 3.
  • Each fight starts on Round 2 as opposed to Round 1, most likely due to a programming error.
  • After a fight ends, a win quote screen can be seen with the winning character standing in his/hers victory pose. There is only one quote and it is the same for all the characters: "You're unlucky to have to fight me".
  • The background graphics for M Bison's stage are reused from one of Cony's many pirates of Street Fighter II, which is used for the same character.[1] (That particular pirate was made in 1993, before this game).
  • Sonic's moves in the game are based off of Blanka's. He has a spin attack that Sonic would normally use, and Blanka's electric shock.
  • There's a dip switch that switches between US and Asian versions of the game. However, the only difference between them is the World Heroes 2 logo.

    World Heroes 2 PRO title screen

  • There is a variant called World Heroes 2 PRO - most copies of the regular version say "PRO" on the box and cart, but in the real "PRO" version it appears on the title screen. It has an option mode not found in the regular version, where the player can listen to the music, set the timer, and set an "Invincible" option, which makes the player invincible. The character lineup is the same[1].



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