War of Strike Mouse
Publisher Various
Developer Hummer Technology
Console Famicom
Sound engine Hummer Team sound engine.

War of Strike Mouse is a pirate original video game developed by Hummer Technology.

Gameplay Edit

In War of Strike Mouse, the player has to select a difficulty and a character to play as, in a similar menu system to Dragon Running, another game developed by Hummer Technology. After the difficulty and character are selected, the game starts. The players character appears in the middle of the screen, surrounded by rodent burrows on all four sides of them. The player throws hammers at the rodents popping out of the burrows by pressing the corresponding direction on the D-pad. The round is over when enough of the rodents have been hit with hammers. Then the player is judged on how well they did and given a score. If they did well enough, they can advance to the next level.

Trivia Edit

  • Some of the music is reused from War, another game developed by Hummer Technology.

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