The VG Pocket Tablet is a portable Famiclone based handheld video gaming system created by PDP and Pelican Accessories in 2006, manufactured and with games developed by Jungletac. The console is self-contained, as there is no cartridge slot, but rather it is pre-loaded with 25 games. It sold for $29.99 at outset, but is now $19.99 along with the bigger VG Pocket Caplet. It has a round tablet-shaped design in four colors: orange, green, red, and white; a very bright 2” backlit 640×240 TFT display; and is powered by 3 AAA batteries. The unit has a port that allows connectivity to television via stndard analog RCA port. The cable was available with the purchase of a separate “starter kit” that includes a storage carrying case and AV hookup cables, but is not an uncommon cable, also used for portable DVD players.

Games included are remakes or clones of classic arcade and 8-bit console games. Many reviewers have commented on the surprising quality of the console's screen.

Includes 25 games: Frogger (licensed Konami classic, also appears on Majesco's TV Arcade), Stellar Attack, Motorcross Racer, Billiards, Sudoku Quiz, Mutant Hunt, Funny Fungi, Leaper the Frog, Lord of the Jewels, Off-Roader, Risk It!, Battle Blocks, Construction Jack, Memory Matching, Track Star, River Quest, Star Alley, Pinball Labyrinth, Vitamania, Mr. Onion, Delivery Express, Birds of Prey, Whack the Critter, Stuntman Daredevil, Delta Fighter.

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image of the vg pocket

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