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Titenic has cutscenes and even an ending like Harry's Legend but they all go unused.

Like Harry's Legend, Titenic also has debug level select. This can be enabled with the Game Genie codes AETPZP and AEYPLP.

Unused Enemies/ObjectsEdit


  • "Rainbow" (A tall guy holding a pistol and shoots at you). There are 2 palettes of him: a green one and a brown one.
  • "Bomb Man" (Tosses dynamite at you which blows up on the ground) There are 2 forms of him, a red one and a green one.
  • A lizard looking creature, which walks around and then he start spining around. He is completely invincible the whole time.

Alternate palettesEdit

  • "Big Head" (first enemy in the 3rd level) with a darker palette.
  • "Cookier" (chef enemy) with a brown palette.
  • "Fat Man" (4th boss) with a green palette. Interesting enough, he has less HP than the purple variant and dies like any other enemy.
  • "Mary" (2nd human enemy in the first level) with a dark pink and orange palette.


  • Normal box (which has a hitbox)
  • Violet chair
  • Red chair
  • Barrel
  • Flower pot (Alternate pallet)
  • Red lamp
  • Water droplets
  • Glitched object that slowly moves from left to right.
  • An object that goes on top of the water.
  • Object 1C - Disappears immediately when spawned.

Unused GraphicsEdit

  • The game has GAME START and LOAD GAME, these probably go on the title.
  • A font that was meant to be used for the cutscenes.
  • An unused red font for the HUD.
  • Unused TITENIC logo.
  • In Jack's ship levels, there is a blue box which goes unused. This box appears to be unfinished since it's constantly flashing.
  • In Rose's ship level, there are broken windows for the top part of the ship.
  • An unused Go graphic.
  • An unused small chandelier.
  • A flower pot with a different design than the one that appears in the game. This one also appears to have a shattering animation.
  • A small unknown graphic that looks simiarly to candles.
  • A small block, it's unknown where this was going be used.

Unused TextEdit


Harry's LegendEdit

Unused Graphics/TextEdit

  • XIYXOX - Changes the Harry Potter HUD to the unused "Harry Botter" HUD

These are all leftovers from Titenic and they all use the wrong tiles:

  • PEZZSZ - "Time Up" text.
  • SYYZOG - Heart icon and lives display.
  • OLYZXG and YLYZOG - Name for player 1.
  • OLYZXG and GTYZOG - Name for player 2.
  • OLYZXG and KPYZOG - Display for enemy names for player 1.
  • OLYZXG and OGYZOK - Display for enemy names for player 2.
  • UYYZOK and NLYZXG - Display for PRESS A and 2nd player names.
  • PTTZOT - Enables the score for 2nd player.

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