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The Lion King
Lion King, The (1995) (Unl) -!--1
Lion King's title screen (note the preserved copyrights)
Hack of The Jungle Book
Developer Unknown
Original developer Eurocom Entertainment Software, Virgin Games
Console Famicom
Date 1995

The Lion King is a hack of the Jungle Book, made by an unknown developer in 1995. Mowgli's sprite is changed to have a tail and lion head, and the Virgin Games logo in the intro is altered to be a lion as well. Oddly, all original copyrights are preserved.

This bootleg is most widely known to be played by the Youtuber "Vargskelethor" otherwise known as Joel when he was sorting through famicom bootlegs. Encountering this one in the mix. The hack has a strange "twerking" animation that made it especially ridiculous.

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