The King of Fighters '98 is a fighting game published by DVS Electronic Co. for the SNES. It has a different title  screen and is considered much rarer than the Mega Drive version. It is currently undumped. Like KOF 2000, it uses music from Final Fight 2, however, unlike the Mega Drive version of '98, Iori is playable. The themes for the characters are also rearranged, for example Ryu uses "Carve a Dragon Wood" (which was the title theme in '00) as his theme, as opposed to "Lift Fighter" in KOF 2000.


Title screen.

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The demo always seems to be showing the temple stage from KOF '98.

Unlike the Genesis '98, '99 and 2000, Robert's, Takuma's, Terry's and Iori's names are spelled correctly.

The headshots from the Genesis '98 are used, along with a new one for Iori and Cycl(?)

Iori replaces Cammy for the Street Fighter team.

When a fighter is defeated, the timer doesn't stop even though it's supposed to.


Gameplay screenshot. Note that Terry's name is spelled correctly, and the font for the names is different.

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