Supervision 76-in-1
Supervision 76-in-1's menu screen.
Publisher Supervision
Developer Tsang Hai
Console Famicom
Date 1990
Engine Various
Sound engine Various

The Supervision 76-in-1 is a multicart containing 76 games, made by Supervision in 1990 and credited to Tsang Hai on the menu.

Overview Edit

This multicart is 2MB in size, which is about average size for a Supervision multicart. It is also the largest known one by them not to have any repeats. The multicart is split up into 8 pages, listing between 6 and 11 games on each.

List of games Edit

  1. Pin Ball (Pinball)
  2. Urban Champion
  3. Dig Dug
  4. Excite Bike
  5. Mabby (MAPPY)
  6. Circus Chablie (Circus Charlie)
  7. Mario Bros
  8. Super Mario
  9. Keykong Jr (Donkey Kong 3)
  10. Tennis
  11. Pengun Adventure (Antarctic Adventure)
  12. Macross (Choujikuu Yousai Macross)
  13. Kung Fu (Yie Ar Kung-Fu)
  14. Combat (Field Combat)
  15. F1 Race
  16. Road Fighter
  17. Exerion
  18. Twin Bee
  19. Star Force
  20. Formation 2 (Formation Z)
  21. B Winges (B-Wings)
  22. Ice Climber
  23. Baltle City (Battle City)
  24. Mahjong 4 (4 Nin Uchi Mahjong)
  25. Bomber Man
  26. Pack Man (PAC-MAN)
  27. Galaza (Galaga)
  28. Front Line
  29. Joust
  30. Popeye
  31. Milk And Nuts (Nuts & Milk)
  32. 1942
  33. Othello
  34. Lode Runner 2 (Championship Lode Runner)
  35. Lode Runner
  36. Baseball
  37. Lunar Ball
  38. Ninja (Ikki)
  39. Millipecle (Millipede)
  40. Arabian (Super Arabian)
  41. Ballon Fight (Balloon Fight)
  42. Chack'n Pop
  43. Galaxian (Renamed to Abeille on the title screen)
  44. Sky Destroyer
  45. Mahjong 2 (Mahjong)
  46. Devil World
  47. Binary Land
  48. Pooyan
  49. Warpman
  50. Donkey Kong (Renamed to Keykong on the title screen)
  51. Donkey Kong 2 (Donkey Kong Jr.)
  52. Helicopter (Raid on Bungeling Bay)
  53. Ninja 2 (Ninja-Kun)
  54. Clu Land (Clu Clu Land)
  55. City Connection
  56. Burger Time
  57. Golf
  58. Gobang (Gomoku Narabe Renju)
  59. Wrestle (Kinnikuman: Muscle Tag Match, known as Tag Team Match: M.U.S.C.L.E. in North America)
  60. Star Juster (SPACE INVADERS; the name on the menu is a misspelling of Star Luster)
  61. Karateka
  62. Duck Hunt
  63. Wild Gunman
  64. Hogan Alley (Hogan's Alley)
  65. Mach Rider
  66. King of Ghost (Obake no Q Tarou: Wan Wan Panic)
  67. Gyrodine
  68. Ninja 3 (Ninja Hattori-Kun)
  69. Mag Max
  70. Spartan (Spartan X, known as Kung Fu outside of Japan)
  71. Wrecking Crew
  72. Elevator Action
  73. Xevious
  74. Arkanoid
  75. Galg (Zunou Senkan Galg)
  76. Tetris 2 (Tengen Tetris, hacked as 1990 New Game on the title screen)

Trivia Edit

  • With emulators, doing a soft reset on the first 42 games will load a completely different 42-in-1 menu with those games.

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