The Super Retro Advance Adapter is an unlicensed adapter that allowed you to play GBA games on your Super NES.

Overview Edit

The SRAA (Super Retro Advance Adapter) was made by the company RetroBit. The cartridge allowed players to use GBA games on their SNES. The cartridge adapter is region free.

Issues Edit

The SRAA has no compatibility with Game Boy Color/Game Boy games. The SRAA needs to have a AV-out jack plugged into the adapter so you could get a picture on the screen.

GBA Compatibility Issues Edit

Due to the fact that the GBA is 32-bit and the SNES is 16-bit, there will be gameplay issues. Most GBA games will work, but not all.

The list of non-compatible GBA games is currently unknown.

Pokemon LeafGreen does not work

Gallery Edit

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