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Super Mario World (Famicom)
Publisher JY Company
Cart ID(s) JY-028 (028)
Developer Hummer Team
Console Famicom
Date 1995
Engine SMW engine
Sound engine Hummer Sound Engine
Alternate names/hacks 45-in-1 version

Super Mario World is a pirated port of the SNES [[1]] launch title of the same name, developed by Hummer Team and released in 1995. This is one of the more well-known examples of pirate ports to the NES.


The SNES-to-NES conversion manages to retain many elements of the original, including the fire and cape powerups, the map screen, and Yoshi, all of which are close to the original. A level select automatically activates after the title screen.

Two-player mode is also present, with Player 2 controlling Luigi on the same controller as Player 1. Strangely, Luigi always begins at the first level no matter where Mario starts. Both brothers start with 15 lives, and get another by going through a Yoshi House.

Gameplay mechanics are similar to the SNES version, albeit poorly programmed in comparison. The physics for Mario are similar to those of Somari in that if he jumps from full speed he will suddenly slow down to a walking pace, which makes him somewhat awkward to control. Yoshi is the same as in the SNES version, being able to eat enemies and spit them out, and the cape powerup allows Mario to fly as normal.

The game can crash if there's too many sprites on the screen, which might be why the Banzai Bills were replaced with a trio of fireballs. As well as this, various levels are omitted, most notably the Switch Palaces.

The music and graphics are mostly from the SNES version, downgraded to 8-bit form. The game has fewer music tracks, and there are also palette issues similar to that of other Hummer Team games.


  • Incomplete ("Volume 1"): if Super Mario World is found on a single cart, it's the unfinished version. It only goes up to the fourth castle, and the level select is only activated by pressing Select, Select, Select, Select, Select, B, B while on the map (although you have to press Select again to reach it). While the other levels are present, they are mostly broken.
  • Complete: the one described in the article, best known to be found on a 45-in-1 multicart. For some reason, level select is automatically activated once the start button is pushed.


  • There are unused tiles of Lakitu, Spiny, Bonefish, Bullet Bill, Clapping Chargin' Chuck and Digging Chargin' Chuck.
  • Yoshi has many houses on the map, even though he only has one in the SNES game.
  • The sprites of Mario and Luigi in their super forms are from Super Mario Bros. 3, despite Mario Is Missing! and Mario's Time Machine using Mario/Luigi sprites much closer to the real SMW.
  • Nintendo once stated that although they had wanted to give Mario a dinosaur companion since the first Super Mario Bros, they were unable to do so until the SNES due to the technical limitations of the NES.[1] This game disproves that, though the implementation leaves something to be desired.
  • The JY Company logo Easter egg is accessible by pressing Up, Right, A, Down, Right, B, Up, Left while paused. The logo is garbled in the incomplete version.
  • Entering YUSUPLAZ (complete version) or YUXLALAZ (incomplete version) into a Game Genie will fix the jumping physics of the game, so that Mario does not lose speed after a jump. [2]
  • During boss battles, the music will not change. Instead, the normal castle song will continue playing. 
  • Due to the game's physics, it is very hard/impossible to pull off the 1up trick on Yoshi's Island 2 with the row of red koopas.
  • The main menu music plays during the athletic levels.
  • Iggy Koopa does not appear as the first boss.

Connections to other Hummer Team gamesEdit

  • A couple of the game's tracks are present, unused in the ROM of Donkey Kong Country 4, also by Hummer Team.
  • Kart Fighter uses graphics from SMW.
  • Harry's Legend uses sounds from SMW, notably the jumping sound which is the same as getting onto a Yoshi in SMW.



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