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Super Mario 4
Hack of Crayon Shin Chan 4
Developer Unknown, claims to be Nintendo
Original developer Bandai
Console Game Boy
Date 1996-97

Super Mario 4 (aka Super Mario Land 4) is a hack of the Game Boy game Crayon Shin Chan 4 by Bandai. It's a very common title to see on multicarts, and can be difficult to get in single-cartridge form.


Super Mario 4 is one of the common hacks on the Game Boy Color. The hacker (claimed to be Nintendo) changed quite a lot. Examples could be:

  • Level design
  • Level order
  • Story's cut out
  • Title screen


  • The logo/title screen is based off Super Mario 64, while various sprites are from Super Mario Land 2, Yoshi's Cookie, and Mario & Yoshi.
  • The new level design is very challenging, and sometimes unfair, with many blind jumps and areas that require you to take damage in order to move on, making it frustrating to play. It also has no continues.
  • The header calls it "TURN AND BURN", which is a flight simulator.
  • The Nintendo game character "Donkey Kong" is the final boss of world 4 in Super Mario 4.



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