Sonic6 12 in 1

The cartridge.

The Super Hits 2000 Color 12-in-1 is a multicart cart for the original Game Boy, made by an unknown company in 2000. It includes 12 games, which are, except Sonic 6, licensed.

There is also a version called the Super Hits 2000 Color 32-in-1, which adds 20 more games to the previous 12. These are:



Mario 1 (Super Mario Bros.)


Flip Pool





Gee Buck 2

Small Genius

Mario Legends

Super Tetris


1. Mulan (Disney's Mulan)

2. Sonic 6 (Speedy Gonzales hack)

3. '99 World Cup ( Possibly FIFA 2000 due to FIFA '99 only being released on the N64, PlayStation and PC, or FIFA '98 for the Game Boy)

4. Godzilla

5. Barbie Girl (Barbie: Game Girl?)

6. Hugo 

7. Mickey's Chase (Mickey's Dangerous Chase}

8. Superman

9. Spiderman (The Amazing Spiderman or one of its sequels)

10. Solar Strike (Solar Striker)

11. Bugs Bunny (Bugs Bunny: Crazy Castle?)

12. Duck Tales

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