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Super Game
Origin Taipei, Taiwan/Shenzhen, China
Consoles Famicom
First Game Super Lion King
Last Game Pocket Monster
Sounds used Konami (TwinBee 3)
Related companies Realtec, Gamtec, Sugar Softec

Super Game [合众科技 - Triangle Technology] is a developer of Famicom games, mostly ported from the Mega Drive.


Related gamesEdit

  • Pocket Monster / Panda World (does not explicitly credit Super Game but uses the same Konami sound engine, and contains references to a "Super Game Keyboard" in its graphics)
  • Pikachu (Tetris clone with the same music as in Pocket Monster). Possibly made by, or at least later hacked by, Nice Code Software.

Connections to other companiesEdit

  • Super Game appears to have been a pseudonym used by Realtec. The games were produced between Realtec's HQ in Taiwan and Bo Qing Ge Trade Co, its development studio in Shenzhen, China.
  • Super Game's music was outsourced to a Taiwanese company. This is probably Gamtec, as they share the same Konami sound engine.
  • Several Super Game games make use of PC Paint fonts.
  • Some Super Game games credit a company called "Sugar Softec" on the label, presumably a publisher.

External linksEdit

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