Super Donkey Kong 5
Super Donkey Kong 5's title screen
Publisher Yong Yong/Makon Soft
Developer Yong Yong/Makon Soft
Console Game Boy Color
Engine Own
Sound engine Own
Alternate names/hacks Gorilla 3
Super Donkey Kong 3

Super Donkey Kong 5 (not to be confused with Donkey Kong 5), also known as Gorilla 3, is a Game Boy Color game based off Donkey Kong Land and Donkey Kong Country 3, made by Makon Soft at an unknown date.

The gameplay is very similar to other Yong Yong pirates, using an almost identical engine to those games. The music in this game, once again, is in a very poor quality, like all other Yong Yong games.

Overview Edit

The song are taken of Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!.

Other versions Edit

Super Donkey Kong 3 is a Hack of Super Donkey Kong 5, but this time the intro is different and level layout is changed. The title screen is changed, this time it uses the Donkey Kong Country 3 Cover art.

Trivia Edit

  • The title screen and box art are pulled Japanese box art Diddy Kong Racing from Nintendo 64.

Footage Edit

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