Super Donkey Kong '99
Super Donkey Kong '99's title screen.
Developer Gamtec (?)
Console Sega Mega Drive
Date 1999
Engine Gamtec SDK
Alternate names/hacks Super King Kong '99

Super Donkey Kong '99 (超级驴子'99, Chāojí lǘzi'99) is a pirated game based on the Donkey Kong Country series on the SNES, probably made by Gamtec (or any other developer with its Super Donkey Kong) for the Mega Drive in 1999. Only a few levels are from Donkey Kong Country 3, and the rest are from the first Donkey Kong Country game.

Overview Edit

There are five worlds in the game, each consisting of two stages which use graphics and enemy sprites ripped directly from the official Donkey Kong Country games, with a boss at the end of every world. The controls are limited when compared with the official games, with the A button being used to pick up barrels, B to run and C to jump. As a result, the rolling attack was omitted from this game, which means that the enemies can only be killed by jumping on them or throwing barrels at them. Like most pirates, this game doesn't include a save feature (or a password system, for that matter), although it does have unlimited continues, with a crude-looking continue screen with a sprite of Cranky Kong, who doesn't appear anywhere else in the game.

In terms of audio, the title screen has a remake of the opening theme from the first Donkey Kong Country while the first two worlds use music from Super Mario All-Stars, and most of the sound effects were taken from Streets of Rage. You can only play as Donkey Kong throughout the game (Diddy Kong isn't playable but he does make an appearance in the ending) so due to the lack of DK barrels, DK will die from a single hit from an enemy.

This game was also released under the name Super King Kong '99, which appears to be nothing more than a title hack.

  • DK's tie is colored brown in the title screen. It's possible this is due to palette restrictions, rather than an error or design choice.
  • The sound effect played when you jump out of a barrel is ripped from High Seas Havoc.

Gallery Edit

Main article: Super Donkey Kong '99/gallery

Trivia Edit


This static screen with music in the background is the only thing that comes up when you beat the game.

  • The rom header of this game is identical to other headers from confirmed Gamtec games, like Squirrel Warrior, hinting it was probably published by this company or, at least, by other developers using Gamtec SDK.
  • There are a number of issues with the bosses and ending, which may be due to programming errors or unemulated copy protection:
    • The boss of level 3 can't be defeated properly. Luckily, there is a Game Genie code to defeat all the bosses with one hit. And that code is FF00D0:0000
    • The final boss is King K. Rool, and the battle is similar to the battle against him from the first Donkey Kong Country (SNES), only here, if you try to jump over the crown he throws, it kills you even if you are nowhere near it. You must let it pass through you, and you can only damage him when his spiky crown is on his head. If you try to damage him while he's logically vulnerable, you die.
    • The ending appears as a mostly blank screen with static sprites of Donkey and Diddy Kong. Through hacking, text presumably intended for the ending can be found. This text reads as follows:
*: OH! YA!
          *: WHAT!? DONKEY
          *: SEE YOU AGAIN!!

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