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The Street Fighter is a franchise mostly comprised of one-on-one fighting games by Capcom.

Street Fighter Edit

Street-fighter gameplay 1987

Street Fighter's Gameplay.

The original Street Fighter was released in arcades in 1987, starring Ryu and Ken who would appear in the sequels. This game was unofficially ported to the Famicom by NTDEC as Fighting Hero.

Street Fighter II Edit

Street Fighter II Title

Street Fighter II title screen (SNES).

Street Fighter II was released in arcades in 1991 and is one of the most well-known fighting games of all time, having revolutionized the genre and having been ported to many consoles. Street Fighter II: Rainbow Edition is a hack of the arcade version of Street Fighter II: Champion Edition. Another hack of the arcade games is Street Fighter II Koryu.

Several pirate Famicom ports were made by Hummer Team, Cony Soft, and NTDEC. Numerous other pirates for the Famicom have very similar gameplay.

Street Fighter Alpha/Zero series Edit

Street Fighter Alpha cover

Street Fighter Alpha cover

The first Street Fighter Alpha (known as Street Fighter Zero, in Japan) was released in arcades in 1995, a successor to Street Fighter II in terms of gameplay, but a prequel in terms of plot, taking place between the first Street Fighter, and Street Fighter II. It's also considered to be a spin-off series, as it spawned two sequels, Street Fighter Alpha 2 (released in 1996 at arcades) and Street Fighter Alpha 3 (released in 1998 at arcades).While "Alpha 2" is more of a remake of the first Alpha, "Alpha 3" is more of a successor with a few new gameplay features, and its advancement of the plot (though still taking place prior of Street Fighter II). "Alpha 3" is also the most popular in the series receiving ports and remakes, and considered to be one of the best Street Fighter installments by fans.

The first Alpha has been pirated, which is titled Street Fighter Zero 2 '97 for the NES. While it is titled "Zero 2," it is a based on the first Alpha as none of the characters from Alpha 2 appear, and any of the stages or art assets that imported within the pirated game, are from first Alpha.

Street Fighter EX series Edit

Street Fighter EX title

Street Fighter EX's title screen

A spin off series developed by the game company Arika and published by Capcom. The Street Fighter EX series features 3D graphics, new characters, and new mechanics that differentiate from the Original and Alpha/Zero series of Street Fighter games. While the series contains 3D Graphics, it still retains its traditional 2D style of gameplay, despite the lack of walls of which most, if not all installments of Street Fighter contain. Street Fighter EX was released in 1996 in arcades, and its sequel Street Fighter EX 2 was released in 1998. Both games contain one remake, both having been titled "Plus" at the end of their names. The original versions were never released on home consoles, only their remakes, and were exclusively released on PlayStation consoles. The final installment of the series, Street Fighter EX 3 was the first Street Fighter game to not be released in arcades, and was exclusive for the home consoles, plus, it's the only Street Fighter game (that isn't a crossover with another franchise) to include tag play. All of the characters debuted in the Street Fighter EX series did not reappear in any other Street Fighter game, and the characters were more than likely owned by Arika. Allen and Blaire from the first Street Fighter EX did appear in Arika's fighting game, Fighting Layer, which has the same gameplay as the other Street Fighter EX games. 

Street Fighter EX + Alpha (named after the PlayStation port of the first Street Fighter EX) was pirated for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1997. The graphics has a combined mixture of rotoscoped 3D models from Street EX Plus Alpha, and Street Fighter Alpha sprites, with the exception of the EX exclusive characters, which were just rotoscoped, but still meant to be in the style of the Street Fighter Alpha sprites.

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