Shenzhen Jncota Technology Co., Ltd.
Jncota's logo.
Origin Shenzhen, China
Years 2004-present
Consoles Famicom
Sounds used Konami/Hidenori Maezawa (Super Contra), Advance Communication/Unknown (Ys), Chunsoft/Takenori Yamamori (Dragon Warrior II)
Published games by In-house
Related companies Henggedianzi, Shenzhen Nanjing

Shenzhen Jncota Technology Co., Ltd. (in Chinese: 深圳市晶科泰科技有限公司) is a company founded in Shenzhen, China in 2004, and has developed Famicom RPG's (almost all of them undumped) which are rare and hard to find as carts. Most of them are better than most bootlegs in terms of quality, and the carts published by "KT" use much better plastic. They used some of the sound effects (from either Konami, Falcom or Chunsoft) on their games and (possibly) some of them re-use music from the three-parter FINAL FANTASY IV backport by Henggedianzi.

Released Famicom Games Edit

This list contains most of their released Famicom games, though it is incomplete due to some games still being undumped. Interestingly, their original releases start from KT-1018 onwards (with the exception of KT-1021 to KT-1026) and almost all of them seem to follow a three-by-three ID structure, which means the following two IDs after the original release are title screen hacks of that game.

KT-10XX Labeled Games Edit

  • KT-1001 Jing Ke Xin Zhuan -- Supertone's RPG [1]
  • KT-1002 Sheng Huo Lie Zhuan -- C&E's RPG
  • KT-1003 Di Er Ci Ji Qi Ren Da Zhan -- Chinese translation of Dai-2-Ji: Super Robot Taisen
  • KT-1004 Fan Kong Feng Bao -- same as above
  • KT-1005 Feng Shen Bang -- C&E's RPG
  • KT-1007 Xiang Shuai Chuan Qi -- same as the NJXXX release
  • KT-1010 Ji Jia Zhan Shi III — title screen hack of the Chinese-translated Metal Max.
  • KT-1013 Zhan Guo Feng Yun -- same as KT-1001, title screen hack
  • KT-1014 Xia Ke Chuan Qi -- same as KT-1002, title screen hack
  • KT-1015 Chu Liu Xiang Xin Zhuan -- title screen hack of KT-1007
  • KT-1019 Zhan Shen Shi Jie (战神世界)
  • KT-1020 Jian Xia Qing Yuan (剑侠情缘) -- title screen hack of KT-1019
  • KT-1021 San Guo Qun Ying Chuan -- title screen hack of NJ051
  • KT-1022 Wu Lin San Guo
  • KT-1023 Mo Huan San Guo Zhi
  • KT-1024 Ji Qi Zhan Shi Gao Da
  • KT-1027 Xuan Yuan Jian Zhi Tian Zhi Hen
  • KT-1028 Xin Mo Jie (新魔界) -- Title screen hack of KT-1027 [2]
  • KT-1029 Shi Luo De Shen Qi -- Same as above
  • KT-1030 Xuan Yuan Jian Zhi Yun De Bi Duan
  • KT-1031 Luo Ri Zheng Zhan — Title screen hack of KT-1030
  • KT-1032 Fu Mo Ying Xiong Zhuan — Same as above
  • KT-1033 Xuan Yuan Jian Zhi Wang Zhe Gui Lai
  • KT-1034 Dao Jian Ying Xiong Zhuan — Title screen hack of KT-1033
  • KT-1035 Wang Ling Jue Qi — Same as above
  • KT-1036 Feng Zhi Wu
  • KT-1037 Wu Shuang Luan Wu — Title screen hack of KT-1036
  • KT-1039 San Guo Zhi Zhi Shu Wei Zheng Ba
  • KT-1041 Ao Shi Tian Di — Title screen hack of KT-1039
  • KT-1042 San Guo Zhi Zhi Shu Han Feng Yun
  • KT-1043 Zheng Zhan Tian Xia — Title screen hack of KT-1042
  • KT-1052 Shen Mo Da Lu (神魔大陆) — AKA YS Seven, although it is a title screen hack (KT-1051 might be the original backport release). Re-uses music and sound effects from YS NES [3]
  • KT-1057 Yong Zhe Dou E Long - Zui E Yuan Yuan — AKA DRAGON QUEST III
  • KT-1059 Yong Zhe Dou E Long - Yong Zhe De Shi Lian — AKA DRAGON QUEST V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride
  • KT-1060 Su Yi - Na Bi Si Ding De Fang Zhou - AKA YS VI: The Ark of Napishtim
  • KT-1061 Su Yi - Fei Er Gai Na Zhi Shi Yue - AKA YS: The Oath in Felghana
  • KT-1063 Kou Dai Guai Shou - Fei Cui Ban - A backport of Pokémon SoulSilver.
  • KT-1065 Kou Dai Guai Shou - Bai Yu Ban
  • KT-1066 Yong Zhe Hei An Shi Jie - Hun Dun De Shi Jie
  • KT-1068 Su Yi De Qi Yuan - You Ge - AKA YS Origin, featuring Hugo Fact as main character.
  • KT-1069 Su Yi De Qi Yuan - You Ni Ka - Essentially the same as above, but for some reason (possibly because of bugs) the player starts at level 250, removes the random encounters and also the first boss fight against Kishgal is somewhat overpowered. Playable character is Yunica Tovah.
  • KT-1070 Pokémon Platinum (口袋怪兽白金版)
  • KT-1071 Pokémon Emerald (口袋珍珠) - A port of Pokémon HeartGold Version that uses graphics from Platinum and music from the Generation III Pokémon games.
  • KT-1072 Pokémon Crystal - Title hack of Pokémon Emerald.
  • KT-10XX Zhong Zhuang Ji Bing (重装机兵) -- Possibly a re-release of Ji Jia Zhan Shi by Waixing.

Related Games Edit

These games don't show Jncota's logo at the start, but they are somehow connected with Jncota because of the engine they use. (NOTE: The first three games on this list were released by Henggedianzi, although they don't show Hengge's logo at the start)

  • Final Fantasy X-1 (最终幻想X1黑暗篇, Final Fantasy X1: Dark Chapter) [4]
  • Final Fantasy X-2 (最终幻想X2光明篇, Final Fantasy X2: Light Chapter)
  • Final Fantasy X-3 (最终幻想X3终结篇, Final Fantasy X3: Final Chapter)
  • Meng Huan Xian Jing (梦幻仙境) - Title screen hack of Final Fantasy X-3 [5]
  • Pokemon Diamond (口袋怪兽) - this was released on 3 carts, shows Henggedianzi's logo at the start. The first cart in this series is hard to find and does not show Hengge's logo at the start. (First cart is named "神奇宝贝" in Chinese) [6]
  • Pokémon Leaf Green (口袋怪兽绿叶版) - Also released on 3 carts. This is VERY similar to Nanjing's Pokemon Yellow, only that this was made from scratch, and again, like the port of Yellow, it uses music from Gen 3. Note that the second and third carts are somewhat buggy, but still very playable. The third cart also usually has the same cartridge art and name as the second one. Shows Henggedianzi's logo at the start.

References Edit