Title screen
Developer Twin Eagles Group
Console Super Famicom
Date 1997

Sextris is a Columns Clone created by Twin Eagles Group in June 1997 for the Super Famicom.

Overview Edit


Once you boot up the game, a sample of a woman screaming plays. In the game you have different coloured gems. After placing 3 down, the game finishes saying CLEAR then puts up a pornographic image. Sextris has 5 pornorgraphic pictures. This game is impossible to lose, as every time you place 3 down, it changes the stage. Once on Level 19, The game stops and goes into (what looks like a) hex editor named "DBBRK Version 1.0".

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • You can find this game on Twin Eagles Group Websitealong with other Famicom games.
  • The games description is "AAHH... AHHH... LET'S MOVE PAD UP'N DOWN"
  • When the game starts, There is a SEXGA(MTV) logo along with [C] 1997 MIRFUS SOFT
  • The game uses music stolen from Super Turrican.

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