Rockman & Crystal
Console Game Boy Advance

Rockman & Crystal (called Battle Network Rockman Crystal on the title screen & also known as Zook Man ZX4 in Taiwan) is a Game Boy Advance game by Vast Fame & the third known game in their Zook series. It is based loosely on the Rockman X games.

This game is considerably hard, due to your small health bar and the imminence strength of the bosses. Several enemies are taken from Rockman X and Rockman 8. The main character's design is based off of X.

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Trivia Edit

  • The bosses,enemies and the floor of some stages are mostly taken on Rockman X, Rockman 8, various other Rockman games, and even bosses from previous Zook Hero games (the Mechanical T-Rex sub-boss and Abandoned Armored Robot boss show up in the game.)
  • The Zero-like character who appears in the title screen and the credits, is called Midoll (米多爾 ), or Meduoer in the English version, and only appears in-game as the boss of the intro stage.
  • A good chunk of the music used in the game are remixes of songs found in Soul Falchion (the intro stage and boss themes), from its hack that uses music from Super Fighter 2001 Alpha although there are new original compositions made for the game.
  • Despite being called a Battle Network Megaman game, it actually has inspiration from the X series.
  • The Taiwanese version (Zook Man ZX4) has been recently dumped, but only works on development versions of the emulator GBA.

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