The RetroPort is an adapter made by RetroBit that allows the ability to play NES games on an SNES. It contains a NOAC (Nintendo On a chip) Like the Super Game Boy has Gameboy hardware in it. The adapter cartridge is region free.

Gallery Edit

Incompatible Games Edit

Afterburner [background is invisible] Bandit Kings of Ancient China [does not boot] BattleToads [Freezes during second level] BurgerTime [does not boot] Castlevania 3 [freezes upon gameplay] Dragon Warrior 1 [does not boot] Gemfire [does not boot] L’Emperuer [does not boot] Laser Invasion [does not boot] Nobunaga’s Ambition 2 [does not boot] Powerpak [does not boot] Rad Racer 2 [distorted graphics] Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2 [does not boot] Uncharted Waters [does not boot]

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