Pocahontas Part 2
Pocahontas part2
Pocahontas Part 2's title screen.
Publisher Sugar Softec
Developer Super Game
Console Famicom
Date 1997
Sound engine Super Game (Konami)

Pocahontas Part 2 is the Famicom port of Disney's Pocahontas, originally made by Funcom for the Sega Mega Drive, created by Super Game and published by Sugar Softec in 1997, likely after Ei-How Yang's port. It's also known to be Super Game's last port.

Trivia Edit

  • The game is called Pocahontas Part 2 due to the port of Ei-How Yang of the same name (Pocahontas) being released early than Super Game's one.
  • In development the port was only called "Pocahontas" like the original game.
  • The game uses PCPaint fonts for the cutscenes and dialogues.
  • There is a beta build of the game with a debug mode included and also the source code of the game itself released by maxzhou88 (Ex-member of Super Game) which is a very early build of the port with swapped music themes on different levels, badly collission detection and broken controls. [1]

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