Open Corp.
1993-95 logo.
Origin South Korea
Years 1992-97
First Game Wonder Kid
Last Game Venus Project
Sounds used Konami (Tiny Toon Adventures)
Engines used Various
Games published by Daou Infosys (1993-97)
Related companies Zemina

Open Corp. was a company based in South Korea that was founded by a team of ex-employees from Zemina led by Koo Eun-joong. They produced unlicensed NES/Famicom and Sega Master System games during the 1990s, and were published by Daou Infosys from 1993 onward. (Daou games made before that time were developed in-house) Unusually, they did end up making one officially licensed game; the Game Gear port of Bubble Bobble released in 1994.

Open seemingly vanished during the 32-bit era of gaming.


  • Bubble Bobble (1994, Game Gear)
  • Buzz and Waldog, aka Koko's Adventure (1993, Famicom; unreleased in US)
  • Family Noraebang (1994, Famicom)
  • Metal Force (May 1994, Famicom)
  • Suho Cheonsa (Master System)
  • Toto World 3 (Sega Master System)
  • Twin Mouse (Master System; a clone of Tiny Toon Adventures for the NES using the Super Boy 4 engine and Magic Kid Googoo musics.  Some elements from TTA are noticeable in other Open games like Toto World 3)


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