One station

A One Station with a Famiclone-based multicart inserted.

The One Station is a handheld console based off the GameBoy Micro produced by JungleTac, sometimes distributed by KenSingTon. Uniquely, it has no internal processor whatsoever - it acts only as a display and controller, while the actual hardware is a system-on-a-chip contained within the cartridges.

The initial cartridges released for the system were compilations of JungleTac's own original 8-bit and 16-bit games; however many pirate Famiclone-based multicarts were subsequently produced, and later an adapter (essentially a self contained Mega Drive clone) allowing MD Max cartridges to be played on the system.

The packaging and JungleTac's website for the product promised future cartridges providing features including a digital camera, MP3 player, GPS, digital TV, SD card reader. Most of these were never released, but at least the MP3 player cartridge was available.

KenSingTon also released a console called the FC-3000, sometimes known as the OneStation Elite, but this is in reality a Famiclone which uses a different type of proprietary cartridge.

Trivia Edit

  • The 32M-99B multicart for the system features Sonic 3D Blast 5.
  • The One Station also closely resembles the Game Boy Micro.

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