Metal Force
Metal Force
The title screen.
Publisher Daou Infosys
Developer Open Corp.
Cart ID(s) DS-F401
Console Famicom
Date 1994 (Korea)
Sound engine Konami (Tiny Toon Adventures)

Metal Force (Hangul: 메탈 포스, Metal Poseu) is a Famicom game developped by Open Corp. in 1993 and released by Daou Infosys in May 1994. It is the last game developped by Open for Daou that was actually released and Daou's last Famicom release.

Overview Edit

Rockman/Mega Man style game, but the character doesn't use enemy's weapons, only his own.

Trivia Edit

  • The copyright on the title screen says 1993, but the box reads May 1994. It seems there was a slight delay between the end of development and the actual release.
  • This is Daou and Open's last Famicom game.
  • This game was developped simultaneously with Kaby Koby, an unreleased Open platformer that was likely directed and programmed by Koo Eun Joong.

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