Mario DX
Hack of Digimon Adventure & Crash Advance IV
Developer Sintax
Original developer Sintax
Console Game Boy Advance
Date After 2001
Engine Fighter Sonic/Sonic 3
Sound engine Fighter Sonic/Sonic 3
Alternate names/hacks Crash Advance 4

Super Mario DX (马里奥DX) is a Bootleg/Homebrew GBA game, made by Sintax and was found in the Czech Republic.

Game play Edit

The game starts off with a title screen that looks a lot like Super Mario World but without the demo playing in the background. After you start the game a level title screen will pop up. The background used on this screen is the title screen from Mario Bros. Classic that's included with all the games in the Super Mario Advance tetralogy but with out the logo, press start option, or the copyright information. After this the game drops you into a level that sort of resembles Yoshi's Island 2 from Super Mario World but with some changes to the level design. The game play of this game is quite different from Super Mario World however. For one Mario now has a weird jump, after jumping he will stay in the air and hover for a few seconds (just like what Princess Peach does in Super Mario Bros 2) another thing is that Mario automatically has a fireball attack without needing a flower. The way Mario shoots this is attack is quite different. The animation that plays is completely unique and resembles Mario's Final Smash, Mario Finale from Super Smash Bros Brawl but he still only shoots one fire ball. Just like in many hacks after completing the first level the Mario theme is dropped and now the game goes back to the levels from the game this is a hack of being another hack by Sintax called Digimon Adventure GBA. The Mario sprite is still kept along with the coins but everything else is Digimon Adventure. After completing this level there is no stage title screen and we are just thrown into another level. This one goes back to the Mario theme with the background from the previous Mario themed stage with random mushroom platforms placed randomly around the stage. This is a different type of level from the previous 2 because this is a boss stage, the boss of this stage is either a Digimon or Bowser (sorry it's hard to tell but it's most likely the former).

Graphics Edit

Majority of the sprites are from Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2.

Other sprites are from the Digimon Adventure hack along with Crash Advance IV.

Mario's sprite also has the tendency to flicker.

Music Edit

Same Sintax music, that used in their other bootlegs and has the tendency to cut out and cut back in at random.

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