Mario 4: Space Odyssey
Mario 4 1
Publisher Kudos
Developer BMB
Console Sega Mega Drive
Date 2010-2012

Mario 4: Space Odyssey (Mario 4: Космическая Одиссея [Kosmicheskaya Odisseya]) is a platformer made by BMB, the same developer that made Ben 10, Felix the Cat, TMNT - The Legend Returns, LEGO Batman, and Gummi Bears. It is the same developer that made Mario 3: Around the World, the game's sequel. The story is that Mario and Luigi are watching the stars until an unknown alien army (in the intro they resemble the Shroobs from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time) comes to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom. This game is regarded as being hard to beat due to the level design and controls. The ending shows the castle restored, and the Shroobs fleeing from the Mushroom Kingdom. The final boss is a giant Fawful head moving in just four frames, looking like Pac-Man.

Soundtrack Edit

Except for one terrible rendition of the SMB1 Ground Theme, the soundtrack is notable for being surprisingly good.

Level music (picked randomly):

  • Original/Unknown Song 1
  • Terrible SMB1 Ground Theme cover
  • 4mat - Wizardry
  • Alone Coder - Uzhos
  • Arkanoid - Ending
  • Groovemaster303 - FM Acid
  • Groovemaster303 - Lost Forest
  • Groovemaster303 - Quick Fix
  • Groovemaster303 - Through The Night
  • Karbofos - Nonamed
  • Linde - Forget Him
  • Linde - Lame Bells
  • Maktone - Class11.Time Flies
  • Pinball Wizzard - Another It
  • Shiru - Space standart
  • Tepples - SMB1

Intro cutscene music:

  • Alone Coder - Trampam

Title screen music:

  • Uwol: The Quest for Money - Ending

Continue/Game over music:

  • Uwol: The Quest for Money - Title Screen/Game Over

Ending cutscene music:

  • Original/Unknown Song 2

Gallery Edit

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Trivia Edit

Mario 4 - Space Odyssey (Genesis) Continue And Game Over Screens

Left: The "Continue" screen
Right: The "Game Over" screen, which says "Mario died, and with him died his hopes of saving the Mushroom Kingdom."

  • There is another game, Mario 3: Around the World, which was made after this game, despite the 3.
  • The death theme is a brief segment of a boss theme from the game Chrono Trigger.
  • The fourth picture in the intro is the destroying Earth from the poster to the 2009 American-British science-fiction thriller film, Knowing.
  • The "Continue" screen and "Game Over" images are from fan-made t-shirt designs remade to fit the Mega Drive/Genesis.
  • It has not been fully confirmed, but this game might be made by the same company/person who made Ben 10, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, LEGO Batman, and Gummi Bears.
  • In Gens and BizHawk, if you hit a brick block, the music will stop for one second, then become stuck on the spot before you hit the brick block unless you die. In Kega Fusion, you can hit a brick block without the music glitching. However, if music bank 2 is used, the hard locks caused by falling, attempting to buy something from the shop, and breaking a brick are gone, allowing for a proper playthrough.
  • If playing on music bank 1, trying to buy anything from the ingame shop will hard lock the game.
  • Whenever Mario dies by falling in the game, a scream sound effect plays. On other occasions a chiptune rendition of the first line of the 1st boss theme of Chrono Trigger will play.
  • An unused background from New Super Mario Bros. appears in the game.
  • There is a rare glitch in Gens where if you break a block and continue to run, the player will hear a brick-block breaking sound, the scream, and the music pausing, which then causes the entire audio to glitch until the player either resets or closes the emulator.
  • The title screen is from the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack
  • The Game Over text translates to "Mario died, and with it the hope of saving the Mushroom Kingdom [falls]."

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