Mahjong Trap
Original title screen
Publisher Thin Chen Enterprise
Developer Joyvan
Cart ID(s) TC-010
Console Famicom
Date 1989 (Joyvan)
1990 (Sachen & Hacker)
Engine Own
Sound engine Own
Alternate names/hacks Mahjong Trap (Sachen & Hacker)

Mahjong Trap is a Mahjong solitaire Famicom game developped by Joyvan and distributed by Thin Chen Enterprise. It's Joyvan's last released Famicom title before they got incorporated in Sachen.

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Trivia Edit

  • Sachen made a lot of changes to the game when they took over Joyvan. With Hacker International, they updated the title screen, removed credits and changed the adult content.
  • Part of Joyvan staff left after this game to form Idea-Tek.

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