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MK5 - Mortal Combat - Sub Zero

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MK5 - Mortal Combat - Sub Zero
MK5's (Mega Drive version) opening screen
Console Mega Drive/Genesis, SNES
Date 1997 or 1998
Sound engine High Seas Havoc
Alternate names/hacks Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Gold 2000 (SNES version)
MK5 - Mortal Combat - Sub Zero is a pirated port of Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero for PlayStation and Nintendo 64, made for the Mega Drive and SNES by an unknown company.



Sub-Zero VS Kano

This game uses the system of MK Mythologies in that it's a cross between fighting and side-scrolling. The controls are somewhat awkward; during fights, Sub-Zero won't automatically turn around when behind an opponent, forcing the player to use the A button to turn around. The fighting engine isn't taken from the official MK games and instead uses an engine similar to one used in some other pirated Mega Drive fighting games. All of the opponents in this game are clones of major MK characters. There are four levels, each with a different set of clones to fight.

The graphics are taken from various MK games. Sub-Zero's sprites are taken from MK2 while everyone else appears to be taken from MK3. The music appears to be original, although it's possible that most of it was taken from other pirated games as Pocket Monster (Mega Drive version), The King of Fighters '99 and Mulan also use some of the music that was used in this game. The sound effects are taken from MK games, and Sonya and Sindel uses the male characters' sound effects. The ending is a "The End" screen with some bonus Engrish.

The SNES version was distributed exclusively in South America and is currently undumped.


  • The second level is called "The Wlement of Water," a misspelling of "The Element of Water."


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