This is a list of unlicensed or pirate original games that are not dumped. This also includes games that are dumped but only shared privately.

Famicom/NES Edit

Completely undumped games Edit

Name Company Year Links Notes
66 in 1 Family Karaoto


Features Mario Kart, Crash Bandicoot, Metal Slug, and Angry Kirby
American Crisis AVE, C&E 1991 [2] Was apparently developed specifically for AVE. Unreleased because they went out of business.
Genius Kid (天才小子) Waixing 1996? [3] [4] Educational game, content unknown.
Super Gun NTDEC 1992 [5] [6] Generic shoot'em up.
3 in 1 English (3合1 英語)
  • aka English CAI (英語CAI)
Waixing 1996 [7] [8] [9] Waixing english teaching title with 3 different modes (中學英語題庫,神童魔棒,音樂欣賞)

Unconfirmed games Edit

Name Company Year Links Notes
4 in 1 Math (4合1 數學)
  • aka Math CAI (數學CAI)?
Waixing 1996? [10] [11] Waixing educational title teaching mathematics.

Four different games modes are available.

Mathematics Genius (數學天才) Waixing 1996? [12] [13] Another educational title related to Mathematics.
Smart Beans (聪明豆豆) Waixing 1996? [14] Educational game, content unknown.
Earthworm III (地球虫III) Waixing Before 1999? [15] Clone of Earthworm Jim? Was likely revamped as Happy Biqi III World Fighter after the release of the Hummer port.
The Cat King (貓王) Waixing 1996? [16] [17] A Lion King inspired game that either got cancelled or revamped as Lion King Legeng.
A Ka Lixian Ji (阿卡历险记) Waixing 1996? [18] An action game.
Yuefei Chuan (岳飞传) Waixing 1996? [19] Adventure themed game about Chinese Heroes.

Likely unrelated to Yuefei by Mars Production.

Liangshan heroes (梁山英雄) Waixing 1996? [20] Action game based on Chinese Literature Water Margin.
Diamond Brother (金刚葫芦娃) Waixing 1996? [21] Action game from Chinese Comic with the same name.
Super Donkey Kong (超级大金刚) Waixing 1996? [22] Another port of Donkey Kong Country by Waixing. Possibly unrelated to Taijing Dadong port.
Ultraman (奥特曼) Waixing 1996? [23] It is Action game from Japanese Special Effects (aka Tokusatsu) with the same name.

Undumped alternate versions of dumped games Edit

Name Company Year Links Notes
The Ancient and Modern Heros Unknown ??? [24] Unofficial hack of Cony Soft's Street Fighter II Pro which changes the Street Fighter characters to characters from other sources.
1991 賭馬 Racing Idea-Tek 1991 Super Mega version is dumped (Mapper 172), but the TXC re-release (MGC-009) is not (should use Mapper 132, judging by other TXC re-releases).
Asder PC-95 NTDEC 1995 [25]



Arabic version is dumped, and the Polish version is a remake and is translated from the Arabic version. Translations in English, Portuguese, and Korean are known to exist and are undumped.

Bao Xiao San Guo (Jacks in Tri-Empire) Waixing 1996 [28]


Traditional Chinese version with older Waixing logo undumped.

Bollywood 2003 Unknown 2003 [30]

Unofficial hack of Cony's Street Fighter II Pro featuring Bollywood movie stars.

Dong Dong Nao 2 (Korean) Kuk Je Academy, Sachen 1991? Translated to Hangul.
F-15 City War Idea-Tek 1989 Idea-Tek, AVE and Gluk Video versions are dumped (Mappers 173/79/36), but the TXC re-release (MGC-006) is not (should use Mapper 132, judging by other TXC re-releases).
F-22 Inventor 1997 Several hacked versions have been dumped, but the original release from Shanghai Paradise is undumped. It is expected to have text in the (awfully-animated) introduction cutscene.
FireHawk (European release) Codemasters 1993? [31] Missing the Camerica and Codemasters logos from the title screen.
JP Ronny NTDEC 1993 Single cart release of JP Ronny, credits NTDEC instead of ASDER.
Magic Cube Kuk Je Academy, Sachen 1991 Features an alternate opening screen and possibly more?
Flying Superboy (Menace Beach) Color Dreams, Daou Infosys, Haitai Mid 1991 Licensed from Color Dreams through Daou, published by Supercom. Korean title screen.
靈界護法 (Língjiè Hùfǎ, ES-1099) Waixing 1996 [32] The existing dump is a downloadable version from Waixing, yet crashes when entering the third level. One user has confirmed that one of several cartridge versions of the game suffers from the same problem. Therefore, a different version of the game, one that does not crash on the third level, needs to be dumped. Given that the existing Mapper 4 version retains a write of $02 to $5000, that version will likely be for Mapper 249.
Maxi 15 Pre-Sachen release (Australia) AVE


1991 [33] Can only find post-Sachen Australian release and Pre-Sachen US release
Monkey King Inventor 1997? Waixing's hacked version has been dumped (or rather, decrypted from their downloadable NES versions), but the original release from Shanghai Paradise is undumped.
Olympic IQ Kuk Je Academy,


1991 Was apparently translated to Korean? Likely features different copyrights.
Puzzle Idea-Tek 1989 Idea-Tek and AVE versions are dumped (Mappers 173 and 79), but the TXC re-release (MGC-007) is not (should use Mapper 132, judging by other TXC re-releases).
Street Hero Daou Infosys 1992 [34] Unreleased english translation of The General's Son.
Tagin' Dragon Sachen 1990 [35] The dumped versions are the Sachen release titled Colorful Dragon and the Bunch Games release titled Tagin' Dragon, but as this this video shows, there must be a Sachen version titled Tagin' Dragon as well that is not dumped. It will likely be on a 72-pin cartridge.
Titenic (ABAB 3-in-1 version) Hummer Technology 2003-2004 Could be a slightly different version than the known one on the 15-in 1 cartridge. With a title screen and a player select.
Xīn Bāo Qīng Tiān II (新包青天Ⅱ)
  • aka Super Justice King, Bāo Qīng Tiān (包青天)
Waixing 1996? [36] Fighting game. A title screen hack titled "Impartial Judge" was decrypted from a Waixing ROM pack.
Xīn shānhǎi jīng I: Guàishòu de shì shuō (新山海经 I: 怪兽的侍说)
  • aka Pokémon Diamond I
Shenzhen Nantong Technology Electronics 2008? [37] Original release of the first entry of the Pokémon Diamond trilogy by Hengge?
The Centenary of Mao Zedong's Birthday (毛澤東誕辰一百週年紀念) Unknown 1993? [38]


Unofficial hack of World Hero(Super Fighter III hack).Despite being developed in China, the text on the cartridge is in Traditional Chinese instead of Simplified Chinese.

Redump needed Edit

Some games have already been dumped, but the current ROM images have been identified either as being hacked or as being corrupt in some way, necessitating them being dumped again.

Name Company Year Links Notes
75 Bingo (English title screen) Sachen 1990 Current dump works on CNROM which doesn't seem right.
爆笑三國 (Bàoxiào Sānguó) Waixing 1997 [40] Existing dumps (traditional and simplified Chinese, serial# 970261) have been hacked for Mapper 15.
My Arcade Gamer V (DGUN-2573) dreamGEAR 201? Existing dump has corrupt thumbnail images in the menu.
梦幻之星 IV (Mènghuàn zhī Xīng IV, Phantasy Star IV, ES-1006) Waixing 1996 The existing dump is from a mid-2000s re-release using the Waixing FS005 board (Mapper 176). The original release must use a simpler Mapper, likely 227.
上海大亨 (Shanghai Tycoon) Waixing 1996 [41] Existing dump (no serial shown) has been hacked for Mapper 15.
神密金三角 (Shénmì Jīnsānjiǎo, ES-1018) Waixing 1997? This is the later release of the Chinese translation of The Legend of Zelda. While the earlier release (entitled 東方的傳說 Dōngfāng de Chuánshuō) works well, both dumps of this release cannot save properly. The reason seems to be that this release used the Waixing FS005 board (Mapper 176), but both current ROM images have the code that copies Save RAM to Work RAM patched out, likely because it did not work in emulators. Unfortunately, this hack destroys the ability to restore a saved game completely, even with proper emulation.
外星戰士2 (Wàixīng Zhànshì 2) Waixing 1996 [42] Existing dumps (traditional and simplified Chinese, no serial shown) have been hacked for Mapper 15.

Game Boy/Game Boy Color Edit

Completely undumped games Edit

Name Company Year Links Notes
Binary Monster Gowin 1998 Mono only. It appears to be a Tamagotchi clone.
Binary Monster II Adventure of Hell Gowin Mono only. It appears to be a sequel to a Super Mario Land clone called Story of Lasama. However, this sequel is based on Super Mario Bros. Deluxe instead.
Binary Monster III Gowin 2001 [43] Mono only. Appears to be a clone of Double Dragon by Technōs Japan.
Chāojí Gédòu 2001 α (超級格鬥2001α)
aka Super Fighter 2001 Alpha
Vast Fame 2001? [44] An original game based on Vast Fame's Queen Fighter 2000.
Digimon Ruby Vast Fame An English translation of Digimon 3 by Vast Fame.
Digimon Sapphire
aka Digimon Saphire
Vast Fame [45]
Digital Drachen 7: Dämonwelt Sintax [46] A hack of Digimon Adventure 2001 by Sintax. It is in German only.
Magic Lamp Gowin [47] A Mega Man clone.
Metal Slug 2 Sintax [48] Reuses HUD from the dumped game Yue Nan Zhan Yi 3.
Monster Dragon Tactics Card Good Life 2001 Based on Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters 1 for the Game Boy.
Monster Go! Go! II 2001 ? A sequel to Monster Go! Go! that appears to be a hack of Kirby's Dream Land 2.
Nǚwáng Gédòu 2000 (女王格鬥2000)
aka Queen Fighter 2000, Queen of Fighters, Gals Fighters
Vast Fame A port of Gals Fighters for the Neo Geo Pocket Color.
Pokemon Chikorita SKOB? [49] Also known as Pocket Monsters Crystal on the title screen.
Pocket Monsters Stadium King of Fighters (Bronze) Good Life 2000 Appears to be a clone of Pokemon Stadium for the SNES.
Pokemon Pearl Makon Soft [50]
Pokemon Leaf Green Sintax [51] Game HUD is similar to the one used in their The Incredibles game.
Pokemon XD (box only) Sintax [52] It is probably a title screen hack of Pokemon Platinum by Sintax running in GBC mode only.
Sachen 4 in 1 (Vol. 2, 3, 4, 8) Sachen Vol. 5 is dumped completely, Vol. 6 has 3 out of the 4 games dumped, Vol. 7 has 2 out of the 4 and Vol. 9 has 1 out of the 4 dumped.
Street Heroes Sachen 2000 [53] Port of the NES/Famicom game of the same name.
Super Robot Wars F Final Vol.2 SKOB Possibly a continuation of the dumped Vol. 1?
Super Sonik II Sintax [54]
The Incredibles Sintax [55] It is a hack of Pokemon Platinum by Sintax.
Wùkōng Wài Zhuàn: Wǔ Dòu Piān (悟空外傳 武鬥篇)
aka Dragon Ball Final Bout
SKOB [56] It is a hack of one of Takara's King of Fighters games.
Pyramid Creator (魔術金字塔) Hitek 2000 [57] It is Lonpos Pyramid Creators clone.
Guai Shou Zong Dong Yuan (怪獸總動員) SKOB [58] A Pokemon based board game with Pokemon cards.
King of Fighters 2002 (格鬥戰略2002) Sachen 2002 [59]

Undumped alternate versions of dumped games Edit

Name Company Year Links Notes
2003 Digimon Fighted Sintax [60] English version of 2003 Shu Ma Bao Long: Ge Dou Ban.
The Beet Terrif Battle of 2002
aka Startled 911
BBD [61] Metal Slug 2001, in English with a new intro based off 9/11.
Capcom vs SNK: Millennium Fight 2001 (original version) Yong Yong/Sachen? [62] [63] A Li Cheng release is dumped, which seems to lack the title screen.
Crystal Age Sintax/Benco Technology [64] Appears to be the English version of Saishuu Gensou; the Chinese and English titles are linked in the Chinese copyright database. [65]
Digimon Amethyst: The Dangerous Journey of Devildom Sintax [66] [67] Title screen hack of 2003 Digimom Sapphii by Sintax.
Digimon D-4 SKOB [68] A Li Cheng release was dumped with a different title screen and company logo.
Digimon D-5 SKOB? Possibly the original release of Ming Zhu Kou Dai Guai Shou III (the dumped Li Cheng release)
Dragon Quest 10 Li Cheng [69] Title screen hack of Sheng Shou Wu Yu, with a modified intro (shorter than the original one) and the V.Fame logo removed.
Final Fantaxy IX (Original ver.) TD Software [70] A title screen hack named Tai Kong Zhan Shi DX3 (published by Li Cheng) is dumped.
Harry Potter 2 (Chinese version) Vast Fame 2002 [71] Harry Potter 3 2003 and an English release of the unhacked version are dumped.
Ice Age II (English version) Sintax [72] Chinese version is dumped.
King of Fighters R2 (original version) SKOB A dumped version exists, King of Fighters 2003, which is a title screen hack.
Little Taichi: The Adventure of Myth (English version) BBD/Sintax [73] Chinese version is dumped.
Pocket Monster Ruby
aka Pokémon Ruby Version
Vast Fame [74] [75] Chong Wu Xiao Jing Ling: Jie Jin Ta Zhi Wang, a Chinese re-release with Shi Kong Xing Shou music is dumped.
Rockman X4 Makon Soft 2000 Color version of Rockman 8.
True Three Kingdoms Sintax/BBD [76] [77] English version of Zhen San Guo Wu Shuang by Sintax.

Game Boy Advance Edit

Name Company Year Links Notes
Crash Bandicoot 4
aka Crash Bandicoot IV, Crash Advance IV
Sintax [78] A variant of Digimon Adventure.
Ge Dou Jian Shen Sintax
Ji Xie Ren Da Zhan - Zhong Ji Ban (機械人大战 - 终极版) Vast Fame [79]
Lord of the Rings IV Sintax [80]
Megaman 5 [81]
Rayman IV
aka Rayman: Der Sonneschein auf der Reise
Sintax [82] [83] A variant of Digimon Adventure.
Sonic 3 Fighter Sonic Sintax [84] [85] [86] [87]
Super Mario DX Sintax [88] [89] Known as Mario DX in the box art.

Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Edit

Name Company Year Links Notes
Magic 7 Block Gamtec [90]
Shizen Mahjong Sachen
Sonic Shuffle Glorysun Russian language with Chinese credits. Possibly a hack of Clue by Sculptured Software.
X-Men vs Street Fighter X Boy [91] The SNES version has already been dumped but this is most likely the original version. The name on the title screen is mostly in Chinese rather than English unlike the SNES version.
Zhōng Guó Xiàng Qí (中國象棋)
aka Chinese Chess
Realtec/Dragons Team [92]

Super Famicom/SNES Edit

Name Company Year Links Notes
Campeonato Brasileiro 2 TEG (Twin EaglesGroup) [67]

Jikkyou World Soccer - Perfect Eleven (International Super Star Soccer) Hack.