Kudos logo
Origin Moscow, Russia
Years 2001-present(?)
Consoles Mega Drive, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Dreamcast
First Game Unknown
Last Game Unknown
Sounds used Unknown
Engines used Various

Kudos is a Russian game studio based in Moscow (?). Company was known for unauthorized ports of Super Mario Bros. and Felix the Cat. There's no info on internet (they had site, now it's not available), but it was founded somewhere in 2000-2001, and active to present (?). First and last game are unknown.

At the beginning Kudos publish unofficial Russian translated games for Sony Playstation, Sony PlayStation 2 and Sega Dreamcast. Some covers of their PS1 bootlegs use design from EA Classics PS1 games. Later they started develop and publish Sega Megadrive bootleg games.

Also they made some "homebrew" games for PS1. For example: "Tetrasex" - tetris with erotic pictures and porn scenes.

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