J.Y. Company
J.Y. Company's logo
Origin Taiwan
Years At least 1989-2003(?)
Consoles Famicom, Game Boy, Super Famicom
First Game Original game: Mortal Kombat II(?)

Multi: 1990 Ball Series 11 in 1

Last Game Original game: Final Fight 3
Multi: JY-130 130-in-1(?)
Published games by Hummer Team, Ei-How Yang, Vast Fame(?)
Related companies Ka Sheng

J.Y. Company or simply JY, is a company that published many pirate games, most notably many of Hummer Team's games. They appear to have been active from at least 1989 to late 2003.


They have released games that were made by Hummer Team and Ei-How Yang. They also made a lot of multicarts, the most common are the 4 in 1. Some had more or less games but almost all of their multis don't have repeats. As well as this, many of them include late NES/Famicom releases rarely found on other multicarts such as Rainbow Islands and Mitsume Ga Tooru.

J.Y. Company hardly ever hacked other publisher's titles. From 1994 to 1998, only two titles they weren't responsible for appeared on their multicarts:  Super Donkey Kong 2 and Master Fighter II.


J.Y. Company has a few aliases.

  • EL - used after 1997 for some Hummer Team's games and a few multicarts
  • SC - yet another acronym used after 1998 (SA, SB, SD were also used)
  • QQ - used to retail unsold stock of JY multicarts
  • VIPxx, Nxx, Kxx (where xx is a number) were also around the 2000s
  • YY - used for board code and 2 release (YY-030, YY-076), likely a typo

Games Published by J.Y. CompanyEdit

Original ProductionsEdit

Unreleased GamesEdit

These games were funded by J.Y. Company but released by different publishers.


  • BB Car - Unsold PCBs were liquidated with a J.Y. Company cover. It is unknown what role they had originally with this game.


J.Y. Company are responsible for numerous hacks, they are probably behind more but here are the confirmed ones so far:


J.Y. Company's earliest activities seems to point around 1989. [1] During 1989 to 1993, they released many licensed games under their own cover. They were also responsible for some Mario hacks such as Super Bros. 8, a hack of Don Doko Don 2. They also made the infamous Ball Series 11 in 1 multicart in 1990 which was subsequently reprinted almost every year during the 90s, albeit not by them after a while.

Around late 1993, they started a new product line using their name to release mostly multicarts. In 1994, Hummer Team started developing games for JY, the first games being Dragon Ball Z 2 and Mortal Kombat II. J.Y. Company would later request and provide funds to the developer to make ports of popular games until 1998, when their relationship ended for unknown reasons (likely because the Famicom had lost too much popularity by this point).

J.Y. Company then started to release cheaper multicarts with common games. Most of them being very similar, sharing the same menu screen and the same games. These were likely done by a subcontractor since they lack all the technology used in the previous cartridges. At the same time, they also started to work on the Game Boy and Super Famicom, releasing multicarts with little to no repeats. They ceased activities in the early 2000s, selling their remaining PCBs to a Chinese distributor.

References Edit


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