These hacks usually change most/all of the graphics, and may modify (but rarely replace) the music, but nothing else. Inventor is only explicitly credited in a small number of these so the extent of its involvement is unknown. Many of them have alternate versions on Famiclones made by Advance Bright Ltd. Several hacks have typos in the game title. Any games with extensive amounts of Japanese text have been translated into Engish. For unknown reasons, the 1st-gen lightgun games have many more hacks than the rest.

Original Game

Hack Name(s) Changes
10-Yard Fight American Football


Air Tiger/World War II

Only the title screen is different

Aether Tiger Music is unchanged
Adventure Island Clonk

Music cues are switched but are otherwise unchanged

Arkanoid Scoring/Diamond

8k of graphics are missing, meaning that the final boss graphics are glitched

Astro Robo Sasa Astro Robo Toto
Balloon Fight Air Umbrella/Zero Gravity/Fishwar

Some music cues are swapped but are otherwise unchanged

Baseball Baseball
Batman Hellfire Credits have been changed from Sunsoft and DC Comics to "Funfoat" and "DC Spinsi" respectively
Battle City Future Tank/Future Copter Future Tank has unchanged music
Sea War 2000

Music is entirely new as opposed to being alterations of the original music

The screen layout is different with the play field in the center of the screen

Binary Land Mars Man
Bird Week Bird Brain Background is stolen from Bucky O'Hare
Bomberman Golgotha/TNT
Brush Roller Monster Dash Graphics are stolen from Clu Clu Land
Bump 'n' Jump Bumpity Bop Game starts on level 3
BurgerTime Burger Build

Music cues are switched

Game starts on level 2

B-Wings Ultimate Choice Weapons are renamed to fighter plane names
Chack'n Pop Bomb/Bomb Drop
Challenger Ladangel

Some versions have the game play twice as fast

Championship Lode Runner Tactful Mokey/Arctic Hunt
Choujikuu Yousai Macross Aether Kavass/Enemy Assault Enemy Assault removes the intro screen
Circus Charlie Conqueror/Super Elf

Conqueror has unaltered music

Game starts on level 7 (harder version of level 2)

City Connection Goodhand/Street Frenzy

Goodhand has unaltered music

8k of graphics are missing, meaning that some levels have glitched graphics

Most iterations of this hack erroneously use the same tile for painting over the road, making it almost unplayable

Clu Clu Land Lido/Fish Fight Fish Fight has swapped music cues
Devil World Underworld
Dig Dug Cryptcar
Down Deep Intro music is stolen from Galaga
Donkey Kong What's Up Game starts on level 2
Donkey Kong Jr. Rescue Kuck/Rescue
Donkey Kong 3 Bandits/Frogland
Dr. Mario Make Well/Anti SARS Most of the music is new, except for Chill which is the same as the original
Duck Hunt Many names A couple of variations separate the title screen from the menu
Excitebike Risker/Extreme Racer Some versions of Risker have unchanged music
Exerion Spacewar/Fly By Spacewar has unchanged music
F-1 Hero (Michael Andretti World GP) Dream Rapid The grand prix mode has been removed and the course can't be changed, effectively meaning the game only has 1 track
F-1 Race Bicycle Race/Boat Race/UFO Race Boat Race and UFO Race have a different title screen layout

Bicycle Race cuts the pre-race screen

Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge Ultimate Speed The System 3 logo is skipped entirely, and the copyright screen is replaced with "Loading" text
Field Combat Saucer Wars Music cues are switched
Fire Dragon Dragon
Formation-Z Convert Soldier
Front Line Hassle
Galaga Top Shot
Geimos X-Terk 2 Mode B can't be selected
Golf Golfer/Championship Golf Championship Golf starts on hole 3
Gomoku Narabe Gobang/Right Move Game is translated from Japanese to English
Gradius Firmanent
Guevara (Guerilla War) Bolide The game is based on the Japanese version, but the cutscene text is translated to Engrish
Gun-Nac Space War Level select is unlocked by default
Hogan's Alley Many names
Ice Climber Climbing Club
James Bond Jr. Caesar Captain
Joust Soaring Warrior
Kabuki Quantum Fighter Chain
Kage (Shadow of the Ninja/Blue Shadow) Berserker
Karateka Neighborhood Smash The graphics have been left unchanged
Kinnikuman: Muscle Tag Match (M.U.S.C.L.E.) Championship Wrestling/WWF War
Lode Runner Conte Enegy/Jungle Trail
Lunar Ball/Lunar Pool Billiard 2008/Planetary Pool Music in Billiard 2008 is messed up
Mach Rider Trump Tank/Ballistic Mayhem

Trump Tank has unchanged music

Ballistic Mayhem removes the intermission screens

Magic Carpet 1001 Harry Potter/Harry Tour/Little Hag/Witch Run Music is completely differerent, with the latter two being more melodic than the rest
Magic Jewelry Coin Tetris (Called Jewelry on the title screen) Music is unchanged
Magmax Hovercraft
Mappy Bounce/Break Out
Mario Bros. Roge Brer/Rouge Brothers/Jump and Journey
Mighty Final Fight Street War The intro sequence is skipped automatically
Millipede Surface Fire/Swirl
Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu Super Fighters Playable characters are replaced with Pikachu lookalikes
Night Arrow (Galaxian hack) Warship Sound effects are different
Ninja Hattori-kun Tinytoon/Defiance/Pocky Pocky has unchanged music
Ninja-kun: Majou no Bouken Combata/Warrior Chase Music cues are switched but are otherwise unchanged
Nuts & Milk Penguin/Snack Attack
Othello Chess/Thinker
Pac-Man Jungle/Maze Tussle/Egg It Egg It and Jungle have unchanged music

Egg It changes the graphics so that you have to fill the maze with eggs rather than empty it

Pinball Hoodle/Flip Out Table layout is changed somewhat
Pooyan Bitha/Archery Archery swaps the music cues
Popeye Dada/Let Loose
Porter Porter
Shift Music is entirely new

The logo font is stolen from Super Star Force

Pyramid Benthal World
Race America Racing Car

The cursor is removed from the opponent select screen

Some graphics are stolen from Snow Bros. and possibly a Saint Seiya game

Raid on Bungeling Bay G-3 Cobra of Sky
Bomb Helicopter/Helicopter Harry

Unchanged graphics aside from the title screen

Bomb Helicopter has unchanged music

Road Fighter Panzer Fly Car/Boat Race

Level designs are different

Game ends on course 3

Some versions of Boat Race have new music

RoadBlasters Bionic Tank
Rolling Thunder Emprise
SD Hero Soukessen Baresark Title screen font is stolen from Blaster Master
Silkworm X-War Game starts on level 6 and then goes to level 1
Sky Destroyer Sky Invader/Propeller
Soccer Football/Soccer The HUD is replaced with a crowd
SonSon Tunny/Monster/Soldier
Space Invaders Village Protector
Spartan X/Kung Fu Warrior Tales Music cues are swapped but are otherwise unchanged
Spy Hunter Need For Speed

Main theme is removed

Copyright screens are skipped

Sqoon Seascape Music cues are switched
Star Force Mars Background is mostly removed, leaving nothing but a starscape
Star Gate Depths of Space/Star Star removes the in-game HUD
Super Arabian Crazy Gold Digger
Super Contra (Super C) Super Fighter

Music cues are swapped for the first 5 levels but are otherwise unchanged

Level select unlocked by default

Some versions have a weapon select

Some versions don't have a title

Credits are removed entirely

Super Contra 6 (Contra Force hack) X-Plan Credits are removed entirely
Super Dyna'mix Badminton World Champion Badminton
Super Mario Bros. Frog Prince/Mushroom/Pandamar/Pka Chu/Pocket Maero Some versions have the level select unlocked by default

The coin sound effect and the jumping sound effect when small are different

Super Spy Hunter (Battle Formula) Inclement Trip

Copyright screen has been replaced with text reading "2001"

Game starts on level 2

Tennis Tennis
Tetris (Tengen) Falling Blocks The pieces are different, making it play more like a standard Brick Game system
Tiny Toon Adventures Happy Angel Legend Music cues are switched but are otherwise unchanged
Tom & Jerry Bruce & Leo
Transformers: Convoy no Nazo Moonglade
TwinBee Van-1 8k of graphics are missing, meaning that the graphics for levels 4 and 5 are glitched
Urban Champion Spar
Wacky Races Harry Story Level select screen has level names replaced with "Push start" text

Cutscenes are skipped automatically

Levels are swapped around

Warpman Aether
Wild Gunman Many names
Wrecking Crew Destroy I Some versions rename Mario to Roger
Xevious Airway Music is unchanged
Zippy Race Obstacle Race/In and Out Racer/X-Racing

Some versions have unchanged music

Some graphics are removed on X-Racing, making levels 2 and 4 much more difficult