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Innovation Technology
Innovation's Logo
Origin USA
Years Unknown - Present(?)
Consoles NES, Game Boy, Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, Game Gear, Game Boy Advance
Published games by Open Corp. (unreleased), Daou Infosys (unreleased), Realtec/AV Artisan (distributed?)

Innovation Technology was an importer and distributor of console and handheld accessories in the USA.

They planned to publish several of Open Corp.'s and Daou Infosys's games across various platforms, but all of these went unreleased.

They may have distributed the three US-released Sega Genesis titles developed by AV Artisan and published by Realtec, which would make these the only games actually released by Innovation in any form.

Games PublishedEdit


Open Corp.

Daou Infosys


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