Years 1989-1991
Consoles Famicom/NES
First Game Puzzle
Last Game Stakk'm(?)
Sounds used Guo Qiyong
Published games by C&E (Tiles of Fate only)
Games published by Micro Genius

Idea-Tek was a developer of NES/Famicom games active around the early 90s, founded by the boss of Joy Van after that company was merged into Sachen.[1] They had good ties with Computer & Entertainment, handling the distribution of their first game, Tiles of Fate. Its games and the company itself were acquired by Micro Genius around 1991. Idea-Tek disappeared some time later on the same year after the release of Poke Block. It is unknown if they disbanded or if Micro Genius dispatched the members in others development teams.


  • Puzzle (ET.01, 1990?)
  • Xiao Ma Li (ET.02, 1990? Copyrighted to Nei-Hu Electronics)
  • F15 City War (ET.03, 1990?)
  • Pu Ke Jing Li (ET.04, 1990?)
  • Enjoyable Horse Racing (1991)
  • Mahjong Block (1991)
  • Rad Racket: Tennis Deluxe II (1991)
  • Venice Beach Volleyball (1991)
  • Poke Block (1991)


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