Dongguan Hi-Tech Computer Learning Machine Co., Ltd.  (Chinese: 东莞市高科电脑学习机有限公司), more commonly known as Hitek, is a company that made Gameboy Color games that was founded on July 13, 1999 in Dongguan, Guangdong, China.[1]

Its Game Boy Color games may have been developed by a company called Ruanxin Co., Ltd. Terrifying 9/11 contains an unused Metal Slug title screen crediting that company; additionally, most Hitek games boot up with a "GK.RX" logo, which likely refers to Gaoke (Hitek) and Ruanxin.

Most Hitek games were also published by Li Cheng under different titles.


  • Heroic Sword
  • Fighter 2000
  • Jin Yong Qun Xia Zhuan 2 (金庸群侠传II) - also known as "Bokujou Monogatari GB2" due to its ROM header but has no relation to Harvest Moon
  • Terrifying 9/11 (驚爆 911) - published by Li Cheng as 特種部隊 2 基地
  • Pyramid Creator (魔術金字塔) - Lonpos Pyramid Creators clone. [2]
  • Shui Hu Zhuan Zhi Qun Mo Feng Yun Lu (水滸傳之群魔風雲錄)



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