Gradiente logo
Origin São Paulo, Brazil
Years 1964-present
Consoles NES, SNES, GB, N64, GBC, GBA, GameCube
Aliases Playtronic
Related companies Playtronic

Gradiente is a Brazilian consumer electronics company founded in 1964 and based in São Paulo. The company designs and markets many product lines, including video (including televisions and DVD players), audio, home theatre, high-end acoustics, office and mobile stereo, and wireless.

In 1993 they founded Playtronic, a fully-owned subsidiary who licensed the manufacturing of Nintendo consoles in Brazil,[1] and while publishing games for various systems they also did the Portuguese translations of some games (among them, South Park and Shadow Man for the Nintendo 64). They ceased partnership with Nintendo in 2003 due to the high price of the dollar at the time. Before 1993, they were unlicensed.

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