Glorysun's logo.
Years 199X-2006
Consoles Sega Mega Drive, Game Boy Color

Glorysun is the name used by a programming group (and possible publisher) of unlicensed games on the Sega Mega Drive system. They are unique in that even though they are one of the most notorious groups for copyright infringement they often place their group logo prominently as a boot screen.

Much of Glorysun's work consists of hacks of older commercially released games to include references to new licensed properties (such as movies or television). Earlier releases often mimic Famicom pirates in that they contain minimal changes to the original game such as only a title screen alteration or palette change to one of the characters. Later games feature more intensive changes to sprites, text, and other graphical elements.

The only original games attributed to Glorysun are Death Caliber and the Russian translation of Barver Battle Saga that was released in that territory as Final Fantasy (possibly without consent from Chuanpu).

According to the credits within the ROM header of Death Caliber, it was developed with the TomSoft SDK with a final build date of May 17th 2002. It is unknown what, if any, connection Glorysun has to Dragon Co. or TomSoft other than using their SDK.

Released Games Edit

Name Console Released Description Cartridge No.
Biohazard 3: SARS War Mega Drive After 1999 Hack of Body Count, released in Russian language only.
Counter Strike Mega Drive After 2000 Hack of Lethal Enforcers.
Death Caliber Mega Drive May 18, 2002 Original content, released in Russian language only.
FIFA 2005 Mega Drive 2005(?) Hack of FIFA 98.
FIFA 2006 Hack of FIFA 98.
FIFA World Cup 2002 Hack of World Championship Soccer II.
FINAL FANTASY Mega Drive 1996 Hack of Barver Battle Saga, translated into Russian.
Finding Nemo Mega Drive Hack of James Pond: Underwater Agent.
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Mega Drive Hack of Mick & Mack as the Global Gladiators, translated into Russian.
Lord of the Rings Hack of Stormlord, translate into Russian.
Lord of the Rings 3: Return of the King Hack of Chinese Fighter III.
Metal Gear Solid Mega Drive After 1998 Hack of Crack Down, translated into Russian.
Mortal Kombat 6: 28 People Hack of Mortal Kombat 1.
NBA 2000 Hack of NBA Action 95.
NBA 2005 Hack of NBA Action 95.
Pirates of the Caribbean Hack of Uncharted Waters - New Horizonts, released in Russian language only.
Premier Manager 2005 Hack of Premier Manager.
Star Wars Hack of Eliminate Down.
Street Fighter III: 18 Person Mega Drive Hack of Street Fighter II Turbo Beta.
Super Robot Wars Hack of Target Earth.
The Incredibles Game Boy Color Possibly around 2004 Hack of The Tick.
The Lord of the Rings 2: The Two Towers Mega Drive Hack of Rings of Power.
Wario Land 3 Mega Drive Hack of Puggsy.

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