Generation NEX

A Generation NEX with both Famicom and NES cartridges inserted

Generation NEX is an unauthorized famiclone released in 2005. It is developed by a company called MessiahEntertainment, inc,a distributor of pirate multicarts. with the name being a portmanteau of Generation X and Nintendo Entertainment System. The machine is designed to play most games released for the Nintendo Famicom and its American/European equivalent, the Nintendo Entertainment System. The console takes both the Japanese Famicom 60-pin and North American/European NES 72-pin cartridges used by Nintendo.

Messiah Entertainment, Inc.'s official compatibility list states that the system is compatible with 97.25% of NES games released in the US. Twenty-one NES games are listed as not compatible, including Castlevania III. The compatibility, with regards to games that Messiah's compatibility chart lists as working, is disputed[1]; while there are claims from some that the NEX is faithful to the original Nintendo Entertainment System, others claim that the color and sound reproductions are inaccurate and some games have additional glitches when played on the NEX. Speculation has arisen as to whether this effect is due to the machine being based on NES-on-a-chip hardware design. The manufacturer claims however that a custom-designed IC, different than the NES-on-a-chip is being used, allegedly "built on the NES algorithm."

The Generation NEX also has built-in support for Messiah brand 2.4 GHz Wireless NEX Controllers and a Wireless Arcade Stick. The system uses built-in wireless technology to play with Messiah wireless controllers without requiring additional hardware connected to either controller port. Alternatively, original NES controllers and accessories can be used with the Generation NEX using the 2 ports on the front of the machine (including the NES Zapper, 4-score four player adapter, NES Advantage, and other accessories).

Patrons of the website NES Dev forums claim to have demonstrated that the NEX system incorrectly wires the cartridge port in a way that could potentially damage NES carts played in the system, as well as the system itself. There have, however, been no reports of NES carts actually being damaged by the Generation NEX.

This system has pseudo-stereo sound capability which can be programmed into future games. Currently available NES games will still play in dual mono since the NES only supported mono sound. No technical documents were ever released so the additional sound capabilities are unlikely to ever be used.

This device is not licensed, endorsed, or supported by Nintendo. It is likely to be discovered by nintendo soon,and if it is,they will probably take the same legal action they did against Sinango after discovering the Power Player Super Joy III.

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