The GameKids Advance is a portable famiclone that looked like a Game Boy Advance, the GameKids Advance is one of the few portable Famiclones that uses a lightgun.

List of games Edit

The GameKids Advance claims to have 18 games in 1, but the GameKids' built-in games do have some repeats. Note: The list of games were listed on the box.

  1. Pika
  2. Olympic 2008
  3. Super Mario
  4. Soccer
  5. Galaxian
  6. Circus Charlie
  7. Circus Charlie
  8. Circus Charlie
  9. Circus Charlie
  10. Circus Charlie
  11. 100 Meter
  12. Long Jump
  13. Hurdles
  14. Javelin Throw
  15. Skeet Shooting
  16. Triple Jump
  17. Archery
  18. High Jump

Gallery Edit

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