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Fighting Hero III
Title screen
Developer NTDEC
Console Famicom
Date 1993
Engine Rex Soft fighting engine (?)

Fighting Hero III is a fighting game for the Famicom, created by NTDEC and released in 1993. While ostensibly a sequel to Fighting Hero, the two games share little in common besides their genre.

Gameplay Edit


Gameplay screenshot

The game is a fairly typical one-on-one fighting game. It appears to use a similar engine to Rex Soft's fighting games, with slow walking, quick jumping, and generally choppy animation. The A button punches and the B button kicks, with both having different animations if the player holds Back or Forward while attacking. It is possible to throw by pressing Back and A while close, and blocking is performed by holding Back.

The cast consists of 10 original characters. Each character has two duplicates with different names and colors. In single-player, the player always uses the original, and the computer always uses the first duplicate.

Much like the first Fighting Hero, the game has a high difficulty level that cannot be changed, although the player is given nine continues.

List of moves Edit


Player select screen (as seen in 2-player)

Duke/Frank/Tim: A biker in street clothes with a typical Shotoclone moveset.

  • Sonic Blade: Hold Back, Forward+A
  • Dragon Uppercut: Forward, Down, Down-Forward+A
  • Tornado Kick: Half circle back+B

Terisa/Erica/Gina: A woman in a leather outfit with a moveset similar to Chun-Li's.

  • Blitz Punch: Half circle forward+A
  • Thousand Kicks: B repeatedly
  • Helicopter Kick: Half circle back+B

Lee/Jing/Tiger: A stereotypical Bruce Lee clone.

  • Wall of Hands: A repeatedly
  • Chi Blast: Quarter circle forward+A
  • Needle Kick: Hold Back, Forward+B

K. Sato/Zen/Kanada: A samurai-like fighter who mainly uses kicking techniques.

  • Spear Kick (Low): Hold Back, Forward+A
  • Spear Kick (High): Hold Back, Forward+B
  • Flying Heel Strike: Half circle back+B

Bayefu/Ivan/Isaac: A bulky professional wrestler.

  • Cannonball Attack: Hold Back, Forward+A
  • Tornado Punch: Half circle back+A
  • Super Tornado: During Tornado Punch, A repeatedly

Tanam/Magat/Yuga: A Muay Thai kickboxer.

  • Jaguar Slash: Half circle back+B
  • Tiger Knee Crush: Hold Back, Forward+B
  • Dive Headbutt: Down+A at peak of jump
  • Dive Kick: Down+B at peak of jump

Hook/Noah/Pedro: A traditional pirate, complete with a hook hand and a peg leg.

  • Hook Barrage: A repeatedly (far)
  • Hook Stretch: Hold Back, Forward+A
  • Double Cyclone: Forward, Down, Down-Forward+A

Sama/Rita/Sylvia: A woman in a miniskirt who can attack with her braided ponytail.

  • Ponytail Spin: Quarter circle forward+A
  • Tri-Energy Blast: Hold Back, Forward+A
  • Stiletto Uppercut: Forward, Down, Down-Forward+B

Toza/Arkun/Galula: A dreadlocked jungle warrior with electric powers.

  • Thunder Jolt: A repeatedly
  • Savage Drill: Hold Back, Forward+A
  • Toxic Breath: Half circle forward+A

Rasha/Munzer/Adel: A seemingly Middle Eastern fighter. Despite being the final boss, he is normally playable.

  • Diamond Spin: Half circle forward+A
  • Diamond Arrow: Half circle back, Forward+A

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • If the player loses exactly 4 matches (so there are 6 credits remaining) and presses Start when the continue timer is at 6, this will enable the ability to perform special moves with Select, A+Select, or B+Select.
  • Curiously, there is no way to pause the game without using an emulator.

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