Fangkuai Zongdongyuan
Fangkuai Zongdongyuan Select Screen
Select screen
Hack of Dr. Mario
Publisher Waixing
Developer Waixing
Cart ID(s) EH009
Original developer Nintendo
Console Famicom
Date 1996

Fangkuai Zongdongyuan (方塊總動員, literally "general mobilization of boxes") is a multicart developed by Waixing in 1996 containing two games, Mali Yisheng II (瑪莉醫生II, "Dr. Mario II") and Shenqi Ba Bao (神奇八寶, "Magical Eight Treasures"). The use of -總動員 (general mobilization of-) in a title was widely popularised by Pixar, who used it for most of the Chinese titles of their films beginning with Toy Story. [1] The pause screen shows a production date of 1996, which seems plausible as Toy Story was released in late 1995 (Toy Story opened in China on March 28, 1996)

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  • Despite being developed in China, the text on the cartridge is in Traditional Chinese instead of Simplified Chinese.
  • Through DIP switches, there's two other variations within the ROM: An English version of Magical Eight Treasures known as Magic Sprite and a multicart menu known as Doctor Mary 9-in-1 which lists Dr. Mario II and all the Magic Eight Treasures games. These variants have not been seen as a cartridge however.
  • A variation of Magical Eight Treasures called Magic Sprite exists within the ROM. However, this variant has yet to be seen on the cartridge.
  • The fonts used for much of the on-screen English text ("Doctor Mary II", "Game Select", "Have a Rest", and the unused "Magic Sprite" title) are from PCPaint.
  • There's an unused ninth game in "Magical Eight Treasures", select the middle-bottom game and press up to access it.

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