Elfland's title screen
Publisher Unknown (Tip Top version), JungleTac
Developer Tip Top, JungleTac
Console Famicom/NES
Date 1992
Alternate names/hacks Elf Load (multicart the Tip Top version was released on)

Elfland is an unlicensed Famicom/NES game, made by Tip Top in 1992.


The game is an "elimination paltformer" where the player goes around on a series of levels which are one screen in size with the goal being to clear each screen of enemies. However, in this game the player can only attack enemies which are the same colour as themselves. They change colour by jumping into the paint pots in the level and this can also be done to refill the paint, which depletes after attacking 3 enemies.

Gameplay screenshot

Like in the previously mentioned games, the player can collect items by hitting the enemies again.

This game was re-released (or possibly remade) by JungleTac for their 8-bit consoles, such as the Cyber Arcade Center. Their version removes the storyline, the two player mode and changes the music and sound effects.




  • The font used for this game's ending is from Borland Turbo Pascal - this same font is also used in many NTDEC games.


  • Design: Ate
  • Program: Douglas, Ate
  • Picture: Yun
  • Hardware: Lee
  • Music: Lumin

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