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Earthworm Jim 2 (Shin-Shin)
Earth Worm Jim 2 (Pirate Original) (Dr.Titus)-0
Title screen
Publisher Shin-Shin Electronics
Developer Ex-Sachen developers?
Console Famicom
Date 1996
Sound engine Sachen/Ei-How Yang
Alternate names/hacks Earthworm Jim 4

Earthworm Jim 2 is an unlicensed port of the game of the same name, made for the Famicom by Shin-Shin Electronics and published by KaSheng in 1996.


This version is considerably more faithful to the SNES version than it is to the Mega Drive version. Graphics and music are taken from the original game, but the graphics are less accurate than those of Super Game's port, although Shin-Shin's version has far more responsive controls and somewhat more recognizable music. It has several levels based off of Anything But Tangerines, Granny Chair, Puppy Love, Udderly Abducted, and a possible "See Jim Run, Run Jim Run". The ending is an 8-bit screenshot of the "Well done!" cows seen after each level of the original game.  Unlike Super game's port, Jim can whip, although it's useless, and has limited ammo, but cannot use the Snott backpack.

Screencap from the removed "Lorenzo's Soil" level


  • For unknown reasons, the cow in Udderly Abducted was replaced with a pig.
  • The NT 849 cartridge has a label that reads "Olympics '96"

, placing the release likely in that year.

  • Another ROM of this game exists that replaces Granny Chair with Lorenzen's Soil, but is featured in the "Start" menu in "EWJ 2" (SHIN-SHIN), as it reveals gameplay of this level, if controls are not touched.
  • A hack of this game exists called "Earthworm Jim 4", that has Lorenzen's Soil, Puppy Love, Udderly Abducted, and an unknown level (possibly based on See Jim Run, Run Jim Run, but is nothing but blackness, and the
    EWJ2SS Unused Sprite

    The unused sprite.

    Udderly Abducted tune, with odd notes in it).
  • There's an unused sprite of Jim looking disappointed that is loaded into memory on the options screen but never used.
  • This game has a very strong anti-copy protection[1].

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