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DreamGEAR Plug 'N Plays (or My Arcade) are a series of pirated 8-bit famiclone controllers made by DreamGEAR,

DreamGEAR 50 in 1

LLC. Like many other famiclone consoles,they are extremely common at places like malls, thrift stores, and flea markets. They are also sold online through the DreamGEAR website.

List of DreamGEAR ControllersEdit

Each Plug 'N Play has different games inside, ranging from 15-130 games and the size, some of the earlier version have games by JungleTac. Most of their later consoles are made by Trump Grand (with a few exceptions) and have mostly Nice Code games.

  • 15 in 1 - Small controller with 15 games
  • 30 in 1 - Small controller with 30 games
  • 45 in 1- Standard controller with 45 games
  • 50 in 1 - Standard controller with 50 games
  • 75 in 1 - Standard controller with 75 games
  • 121 in 1 - Large controller with 121 games, made by Qi Sheng Long
  • 140 in 1 - Large controller with 140 games
  • GameStation - Game system that resembles a Sega Dreamcast, features 75 games
  • Turbo GT - Steering wheel controller
  • Play-A-Long Guitar Kids - Guitar game
  • Wireless 86 in 1 - Wireless controller with 86 games
  • Wireless 130 in 1 - Wireless controller with 130 games
  • VR Table Tennis - Interactive table tennis game
  • Motion Control - Wii-style interactive game. VT03 based.
  • Tennis Rally - Wireless tennis with 40 games, made by Macro Winners


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