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Donkey Kong 2
Title screen
Publisher Sintax
Developer Sintax
Console Game Boy Advance
Donkey Kong 2 is a pirate game made for the Game Boy Advance, and was made by Sintax. The game uses the same engine as many other Sintax games, such as Crash Advance IV, Rayman IV, and Lord of the Rings IV. Due to this, this game games shares a good amount of its glitches with these games, mainly having to do with the audio.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay consists of the player controlling Donkey Kong, throwing an unlimited amount of barrels at enemies.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike many games using the Sintax engine, this game has a pause menu.
  • The game over screen in this game doesn't work properly; instead of going back to the title screen, the game simply crashes.
  • Though you play as Donkey Kong, he wears a red hat much like his nephew from the Donkey Kong Country series, Diddy Kong.
  • The sound used for collecting a banana sounds eerily similar to the sound effect used for selecting a menu object in the first generation Pokemon games.


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