Domkey Kong
Domkey Kong
Domkey Kong's menu screen
Hack of Tiny Toon Adventures
Publisher J.Y. Company
Original developer Konami
Console Famicom / NES
Date 1995
Engine Various
Alternate names/hacks Donkey Kong (Hack), Disney Timon and Pumbaa (Hack), Hi-Game 2000 Super Timon and Pumbaa (Label art for the aforementioned hack)
Domkey Kong is a unlicensed hack of Tiny Toon Adventures by Konami.


The game starts with a title screen with a red Donkey Kong alongside an unnamed pink Kong (named "Babs Kong" in the intro). The rest of the game contains such as carrots replaced with bananas.


  • Donkey Kong - An update of this hack exists on some multicarts, fixing the typo in the game title.
  • Disney Timon And Pumbaa - Published by Ka Sheng in 1998 (with a re-release in 2000), this hack changes the title screen as well as "Babs Kong" himself to look more like Donkey Kong.