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Dendy: The New Reality


Sergei Suponev

Produced by:

Sorec Video (season 1), Klass! Studio (season 2)

Dendy: The New Reality (known as just The New Reality after the start of season two) was the first gaming TV show broadcasted on Russian television from 1994-1996. Obviously, the show itself was sponsored by Steepler. The first season has been broadcasted on 2X2 channel and produced by Sorec-Video advertisement agency while the before the second season, the show moved to ОРТ (pronounced as 'O.R.T.'; the current name is 'First Channel') and later on, was produced by the Klass! studio. The host of every episode is Sergei Suponev.

List of Episodes Edit

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What Was Shown ThereEdit


  • Dendy Classic
  • SEGA MegaDrive II
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Panasonic 3DO
  • GameBoy
  • A joke version of GameBoy which is as big as wardrobe (this is actually a prod with Super GameBoy running on the monitor)

Bootleg Games and CartridgesEdit


  • Magic Key (a region-swapping cartridge, made for SEGA Mega Drive II)
  • Super Game Boy
  • Super Nintendo Scope

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