Darkwing Duck
Darkwing Duck 000
Title Screen
Console Sega Mega Drive

Darkwing Duck is a port of the Famicom Disk System version of Darkwing Duck to the Sega Mega Drive by an unknown company, but since it has the same bad controls as Felix the Cat, Mario 4: Space Odyssey, etc.. It could be by the same company who developed those games, BMB. Another thing to keep in mind is the randomly chosen music when Darkwing Duck goes off the current screen.

Gameplay Edit

This version is somewhat limited compared to the famicom version. There's no stage select or bosses, and only 5 stages. Stage 5, for some reason, is split into two parts. There are also fewer enemies in the later levels, and no balloons in Stage 2. The intro and ending are different than the original. Out of the game's soundtrack, only one if the random songs is taken from the original game.

Darkwing Duck 004

Game Over Screen.

Darkwing Duck 003

Continue Screen

Darkwing Duck 001

Intro Card, which translates to "Mirnyi Goro St. Canard took his kontrod antildasch.teper he threatens to destroy it."

Trivia Edit

  • There is a cheat code that let's you choose a level, follow these steps to do this: "1. Pause game. 2. Press B button 25 times. 3. Press Up button 25 times. 4. Press Down button 25 times. 5. Press Right button 25 times." (It's okay if you do mistakes, press wrong button, or press button more than 25 times, at least you need to pause game and press it 25 times, but the most important thing is NOT TO BROKE SEQUENCE.) After this you will see a black screen with text "Экран кодов: Если это вы читаете вы либо читер, либо великий разработчик этой игры. Ну что выбирай раунд смертный!!! (Translate: Code Screen: If you're reading this you're either a cheater or a great developer of this game. Well choose the round, a mortal!!!)", and you can choose level from 1 to 7 with Up and Down buttons.
Code Screen

Code screen.



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