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DVS Electronic Co.
Dvs logo
The DVS Logo from The King of Fighters 2000.
Origin Taiwan?
Years Mid-90s to mid-2000s
Consoles SNES, Sega Mega Drive
First Game SNES: Probably Tekken 2
SMD: Unknown
Last Game SNES: Pocket Monster/KoF 2000
SMD: Pocket Monster II
Sounds used SNES: Bonkers
SMD: High Seas Havoc
Engines used SNES Fighting engine
Pocket Monster platformer engine

DVS Electronic Co. was the publisher and/or developer of pirate SNES and Mega Drive games.

The sound engines they used were from Bonkers on the SNES and from High Seas Havoc on the Mega Drive.

They also probably made the SNES Fighting Engine, used in games like Tekken 2.

Game List Edit

This is a possible list of games that DVS could have made and/or distributed, because the only credited games are The King of Fighters 2000 and Pocket Monster (both games are for the SNES).

There is also Pokémon Gold Silver, which is uncredited but has some connections with DVS.

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